accounting software – QuickBooks Online 2017

QuickBooks’ accounting software is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use solutions in the industry. Intuit has a good record with all of its products, and QuickBooks is no different. With automated features, such as scheduled billing, bank reconciliation and automatic backup, you can cut down on the time you spend on routine accounting tasks. This software is ideal for small- and medium-sized businesses looking to manage inventory, taxes and payroll services. For these reasons, and many more, QuickBooks rightfully earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

Accounting & Business Functions

You can choose to purchase one of three different versions of QuickBooks, based on the features you need. While all the versions support basic invoicing tools and accounting, the more advanced versions include many more features, more customizable reports and support for more users.

Intuit’s QuickBooks scores among the best for dashboards that are easy to use. Intuit has always been good at creating interfaces that are simple for both first-time online accounting software users and seasoned veterans.

Basic accounting functions, like invoicing and creating quotes, take place without any trouble, and you can customize them quite a bit. QuickBooks offers several different templates for invoices and quotes, or you can choose to customize them yourself by changing fonts, logos, background images and more. You can also customize a schedule for how often the interface sends out invoices to clients. If you need to create or send purchase orders, be aware that you have to purchase one of the higher-priced packages in order to do so.

Other basic accounting features are present, as well. This small business accounting software can track expenses, accept payments and create receipts with ease. Creating and managing clients and vendors is simple, but tracking and managing inventory is a little more complicated than some other services. Rather than provide a tab that is clearly visible on the dashboard, QuickBooks has the feature buried in settings. Navigating to that section every time you want to add a new product to manage can get time consuming.

When you open the dashboard for the first time, the software asks you to enter your personal and business information. If you choose, that is all you need to enter to finish the setup process in the beginning. However, this bookkeeping software also walks you through the process of importing bank transactions and configuring specifics that may apply to your business. You can’t customize the dashboard layout after the initial setup process.

Implementation & Startup

Intuit has always been good with mobile access for its products, and the story stays the same with QuickBooks. Setting up mobile access is as simple as downloading the app to your mobile device and logging in.

We ran into few problems while using QuickBooks, but if you experience any troubles, you can rest at ease knowing that Intuit’s support is stellar. We experienced minimal wait times with phone, email and live chat support, and the support representatives were able to answer all of our questions without hesitating.

If you want to continue learning more about the industry and how to improve your accounting processes, you can take advantage of the wide variety of webinars, training videos and community support available on QuickBook’s website.

QuickBooks helps you save time as you manage your books through accounting functions that are simple and easy to learn. With the ability to automate processes and with access to solid mobile apps, QuickBooks offers a comprehensive accounting solution that can travel with you. This accounting software is well-suited for small businesses, but with the addition of other modules, you can also create a solution to handle more complex situations.

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