act sat prep software – SAT Prep Course, 2017

SAT Prep Course by Nova Press is inexpensive and, therefore, a wise investment when it comes to ACT/SAT prep software. It goes beyond what you or your child could learn from practice books alone by providing test timing, readily available scoring and question explanation and analysis. This application also features extra study questions, flashcards and lessons by subject.


SAT Prep Course covers the basics of SAT preparation but does not address the ACT or PSAT. Although this product covers the general subjects of the SAT, it does not offer a variety of delivery methods or other effective learning tools such as study plans.

This SAT software application falls short in failing to offer test preparation for the ACT and PSAT. This explains its low price. Nevertheless, some of the lessons are helpful for students preparing for any college entrance examination. Because ACT prep practice is missing, so is academic content specifically for that test.

Another downside to this application is its outdated interface. The screen is very small and you can’t enlarge it. This means text can be too small for some students to read. Also, navigation relies on a menu system rather than buttons. It’s true that the SAT test doesn’t change very much from year to year, but this product seems to have been designed in the ’90s and has yet to be updated. Furthermore, our tests found a few broken links.

SAT Prep Course prepares you for taking the SAT with two full-length practice tests, one in Mentor Mode. You can see your scores as you progress and can use a pop-up window to check your timing. We were disappointed that answers are not fully analyzed for these full-length tests, and that only two practice tests are offered. Additionally, some of the test questions are the same ones used in the academic subject lessons. Practice is key to acing the SAT, so repetitive questions are a significant detriment to this application.

Beyond full-length SAT prep practice tests, SAT Prep Course offers quizzes upon completion of many of its lessons. The answers to these questions are fully explained, whether you answer correctly or incorrectly. This immediate feedback is valuable because it reinforces that you’re learning effectively.

SAT Prep Course offers few teaching tools beyond practice tests and lessons in comparison with competing products. Nevertheless, the options available with this SAT software application make for a sufficient overview of what you will face in the test. If you learn well from games, videos and interactive content, we can’t recommend SAT Prep course.

Beyond lessons and tests, you can find flashcards and a list of vocabulary words in this application. Unfortunately, the definitions for the words on the vocabulary list consist only of one or two-word synonyms. About 400 words are available. In comparison with earlier versions of this product, no printable content is available, including flashcards. Furthermore, the application doesn’t support copy-and-paste functions.

SAT Prep Course offers three areas of study: math, reading and writing. Each subject is divided into lessons that include between two and 15 panes. You can immediately test some of what you’ve learned with practice questions that follow the lessons.

This SAT software application includes three reading lessons, three writing lessons and one math lesson that include 21 subsections. It covers arithmetic through Algebra II and strategies for deriving the meaning of a word by analyzing its parts, among other things.

SAT Prep Course is available by download only, so you can’t get it on a disc. Our download went quickly with no hassles. Your download expires after four months unless you fail to score higher on your SAT after using it. In that case, you can renew for four more months without paying extra.

The interface of this SAT software application is very simple, but outdated. You probably won’t need help, but if you do, you can contact Nova Press by phone or email. The company’s support staff is helpful. Tutorials about using the SAT software application aren’t available, but the interface is simple enough that this feature is unnecessary. A user guide is available online, but these orientation documents seem to be for people who aren’t at all familiar with computers. They teach you how to scroll, for example.

The redeeming qualities of SAT Prep Course are its simplicity and low cost, but these elements limit the features and options available. We recommend this product if you already have a firm grasp of academic subjects and want a quick overview and a chance to practice exams. If you want a more-advanced interface, games and videos, or preparation specifically for the ACT or PSAT, this product is insufficient.