alarm clocks – La Crosse Technology Alarm Clock 2017

Displaying both the indoor and outdoor temperature, the La Crosse Technology Alarm Clock serves as more than just an alarm clock. This unit also displays the date and has a projector so you can see the time or temperature on your wall or ceiling.


As an atomic clock, it keeps the time well; however, we found that the snooze increments the company advertises in the manual do not match up with the actual snooze intervals. Rather than sounding an alarm every six minutes, the alarm clock tended to alert every seven minutes. Due to this discrepancy, it received a lower accuracy score.

This digital alarm clock has a projector. You can either project the time on your wall or ceiling, and the display is adjustable so the information appears right side up. You can also toggle between projecting the time and outdoor temperature. The clock comes with a temperature sensor that either hangs or sits outside, and the alarm clock shows the information it gathers in real time.

The alarm clock has a large digital display with a backlight, so you can see the time in the dark. If the light disrupts your sleep, you can adjust the brightness. The base unit also displays the date.

Since the clock runs on atomic time, you do not need to adjust it for daylight saving time. There is a knob on the alarm clock you can use to turn the daylight saving mode off if you are in a state that does not observe it. The alarm clock does not offer weekend or weekday only alarms. If you do not want it to alarm on the weekend, you have to manually turn off the alarm. The alarm clock displays time in one of two formats: 12-hour or 24-hour format.

The alarm clock uses an AC power cord. However, it does have backup batteries in case there is a power outage. The alarm clock keeps both time and alarms when it operates on batteries. This backup battery alarm clock requires 5 AA batteries in total; you need three for the alarm clock itself and two for the outdoor temperature sensor.

This La Crosse alarm clock only has one alarm sound option. Without a progressive alarm, it beeps loudly when it is time to wake up. When you hit the snooze button, the alarm goes off indefinitely every seven minutes until you turn the alarm off, at which point it resets for the next day.

The alarm clock has a one-year warranty, and the La Crosse website has phone and email contact information in case you need to reach customer service. We found that La Crosse was prompt in responding to our inquiries and offered helpful resources.

The La Crosse Technology Alarm Clock has a projector that displays both the time and temperature onto your wall or ceiling. While it lacks convenience features like a dual alarm, adjustable snooze and weekend mode, it helps you wake up and start the day right with all the information you need to know to prepare for the day.