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With more than one hundred years in the business and retail locations scattered throughout the U.S., it comes as no surprise that Dick Blick Art Materials ranks among our top art supply stores. The store earns the approval namely for its diverse product selection, which is comprised of supplies suitable for all styles of art, as well as crafts and studio equipment. Equally noteworthy is its site features. Dick Blick provides a wide range of features and resources for artists, educators and casual hobbyists.

Product Selection

Indicative of the store???s solid reputation, Dick Blick achieves a perfect score in our review when it comes to product selection. The art store provides every type of art supply you can imagine, from acrylic paints to tape adhesives. It even provides scrapbooking and mosaic supplies, items not offered by many of the other stores we reviewed.

The store???s product selection also seems to cater to professional artists more so than most of the other art stores in our lineup. It boasts an impressive range of high-quality yet affordable studio equipment, furniture and attire, making Dick Blick a great resource for artists just starting out. There is also a clearance section brimming with products.

Dick Blick is also ideal if you are looking for environmentally friendly products; you???ll find links to an array of green products, as well as the company???s commitment statement to energy saving and green product support. We are especially impressed with the site???s special needs category. This section houses products such as adaptive and easy-to-grip brushes, wheelchair-friendly furniture, and pencil grips and holders. We commend Dick Blick for providing a range of these products, which allow students of all abilities to express themselves artistically.

Some of Dick Blick???s notable site features include printable lesson plans for teachers, an artists’ forum and the ability to create supply lists. These lists include wish lists, or items you would like to have, and course supply lists, created by art instructors so students can easily find and purchase the exact supplies needed for their course. Their video workshop section can help you learn or cultivate skills in insoluble paintings, quilted foil, illuminated texts, 3D collage, burlap figures, glass fossils and more.

Dick Blick Art Materials also has a blend of search-friendly features. The site???s new products section shows current trends and developments in art supplies, like Royal Inspiration Stations, airbrushing sets and new ink sets. You can also browse products by category, and the Blick brands tab can help you find good discounts on Dick Blick???s own line of art supplies, including frames, brushes, block ink and storage boxes.

Site Features

The one thing we wish the art supply store had is a kids??? section. The store provides kid-friendly products, but you have to know what you are looking for in order to find them. We???d like to see a dedicated section of kids??? products grouped together on the website.

Shipping is always a factor when shopping online, and fortunately, Dick Blick Art Materials provides a range of convenient options. The store ships with FedEx and provides ground, expedited and overnight service. The art store also provides international shipping and free shipping on all orders totaling more than $160. Be aware that if an item on the site is marked FOB, you will be charged an additional shipping and handling fee.

The site’s information and help sections are top notch, with options for requesting a catalog and getting product assistance. There???s also a FAQs section, which provides enough information to answer most inquiries, or you can contact the company directly via email or telephone. Additionally, Dick Blick Art Materials has stores in 15 states.

Dick Blick Art Materials is one of the best art supply stores. Its focus on providing a diverse product selection as well as useful features makes the store both beneficial and competitive. Whether you are a professional artist or simply craft as a hobby, Dick Blick proves to be an ideal place to buy all your art supplies online.

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