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Kepler, from Cosmic Patterns Software, is the most frequently updated astrology software package you’ll find in our review, making it one of the most enhanced and accurate astrology software titles available. Beginners in astrology to those who are advanced practitioners will find Kepler worth every cent. From beautiful graphics for your charts and pages, to fun extras like audio interpretations, Kepler is one of the best astrology applications on the market, and it is the sure winner of my approval in our astrology software review.


Kepler creates astrological charts based on birth dates, current dates, future dates and more. You’ll never have to doubt the accuracy of the planetary alignments on your charts thanks to Swiss Ephemeris Calculations, an included application that contains the latest planetary and lunar data from NASA. Planets positions can be calculated from 999 B.C. to A.D. 2300, and the accuracy of all planets is less than 1 second of arc.

Kepler features an astounding 47 astrology lessons. The Avalon Lessons are like taking an online course in astrology, and they are a perfect way for those new to astrology to learn basic and advanced concepts in this ancient skill of looking at the stars. In the main interface of the Avalon education area, there are a variety of educational tools, like a Financial Toolbox, an Astro Encyclopedia and a glossary of astrology terms. In the main lesson area you’ll find lessons like, “What is Astrology?” “How Do Astrologers Interpret This Stuff?” and “Practice Determining Sign and House Placements.”

Whether you’re interested in researching the 18,000 charts of celebrities and other well known people included with the software, or creating your own cache of charts Kepler has some of the most advanced research tools you‘ll find in an astrology software program. With their advanced research tools, you can discover charts that have a particular planet in a sign or house, analyze angles between planets and print a list of which angles occur most often. You can also import charts as well as compare and contrast charts with Kepler’s powerful tools.

To make your astrological charts and pages more than just black and white information, Kepler has beautiful graphics and attractive chart wheels and art wheels to make your astrology experience an aesthetically pleasing – as well as enlightening – one. The software comes with 30 exquisite art wheels, from a red roses theme to an Asian-inspired theme, designed by graphic artist Paul Guess. Some have a 3D flair, and they make great gifts because they’re ideal for printing and displaying in a frame. Kepler also sells an additional 130 pastel art wheels for those looking to add dynamic visuals to their astrological charts and interpretation reports. And for basic chart creation, Kepler includes impressive color schemes and four unique TrueType fonts.

One advanced feature of Kepler’s software is the AstroMap, which shows all the places astrological influences exist on the planet. With its blue shaded orbs and interpretations so you understand what you’re looking at, this is a fun interactive tool for beginners. The software also includes Treasure Maps – AstroMaps that focus on specific areas of your life and show how far an astrological influence extends. Treasure Maps highlight precise areas of interest, such as love and romance or vocation and career. Additionally, Zodiac Sign Maps can be created. Zodiac Sign Maps are AstroMaps that show where the zodiac sign of the Ascendant and MC change.

Chart Tools

Entering the exact latitude and longitude of locations is essential in astrology and can be time-consuming without an atlas. Kepler comes with an atlas that lists over 260,000 locations and cities, making it easy to look up the coordinates of a location so you can focus on the more important aspects of your astrological calculations. Kepler also makes sure to have up-to-date time zone and daylight savings timetables.

Many astrologers prefer to create Medieval-style charts, and Kepler has all the features (Essential Dignities, almutens, etc.) you’ll need to create a beautiful yet accurate Medieval wheel. Kepler also includes all the major Houses, so you can chose your preferred House system and cast a chart based on that particular House. Houses found on Kepler include Campanus, Equal, Koch, Meridian, Placidus, Whole Sign and Geodetic.

The Star Catalog feature gives information on planets and fixed stars, including a table of over 10,000 fixed stars for any date and columns showing their zodiacal, celestial and mundane coordinates, as well as magnitude and constellation. Fixed star wheels are also available on Kepler. These wheels deliver astrological interpretations based on fixed star locations, and they can offer unique insight.

Kepler helps you create all the astrological charts you’re looking for and offers an impressive astrological suite of calculations. Kepler creates the always popular Natal chart, as well as Transit, Progressed and Relocation charts. It also includes a fascinating collection of 18,000 charts of famous people, events and businesses. Studying these charts can help users identify commonalities. In addition to just casting a chart, Kepler provides interpretations of charts and analysis of individuals, relationships and future trends, giving you amazing insight into a myriad of things in your life.

Kepler shines in this category, and delivers many unique extras. One of these features is Kepler’s eclipse maps. An eclipse map, which shows the path of the shadow on the earth that is created during a solar eclipse, is a detailed feature of the application. It also displays the date and time of the eclipse. It can also display more than one eclipse path on a map.

Many astrologers prefer to study the moon’s node for further insight into their calculations and to discover under or over-developed qualities of a personality. Kepler calculates the location of the moon’s node on charts, including both the True Node and Mean Node.


An exciting extra beginners will enjoy: Live mini readings. Once you’ve created a chart, Kepler can create an audio version of your chart interpretation. Simply click play and listen to a soothing voice explain what the various planet placements reveal. Kepler’s live mini readings are also a fun way to share chart interpretations with your clients or family and friends.

Cosmic Patterns Software, the creator of Kepler, provides a suitable array of help and support for their software. A toll-free number and email support is available on their site, and a user guide is included with the purchase of the program.

Help & Support

Kepler has a vast array of features and tools that we’ve only just begun to share. Kepler knows how astrology software should be done – and they include lessons on astrology, beautiful art wheels and precise calculations. From their 3D wheels to Vedic astrology features, Kepler is another fine example of astrology software, making it a perfect title to highlight in our review.