astrology software – Solar Fire Gold

Solar Fire Gold, a powerful astrology software application that’s been in circulation since 1992 and is favored among professional astrologers, is developed by Esoteric Technologies, a respected astrology software developer from Australia. Solar Fire Gold includes beautiful charts with detailed interpretations, and it offers many appreciated extras like an astrological calendar and enhanced predictive tools. Solar Fire Gold is the winner of the approval for our astrology software review, and we’re sure you’ll be as impressed as we are with this powerful application.


When creating either natal, transit or progressed charts, Solar Fire Gold ensures exact calculations thanks to the Swiss Ephemeris calculation system – a highly accurate, NASA-generated table showing the exact locations of the planets, moon, lunar nodes and main asteroids within a 10,000 year range. This is a highly coveted planetary position package among astrologers, as it is as accurate, if not more so, than the Astronomical Almanac.

You’ll never have to look up a location again thanks to the powerful ACS PC Atlas (both U.S. and World), which comes packaged with Solar Fire Gold. This invaluable addition is a superior atlas, providing you with highly accurate latitudinal/longitude points, time zones and time changes for up to 250,000 locations.

Solar Fire Gold lets you create a wide variety of charts. You can create natal, transit, progressed, compatibility and lunar return carts with this dynamic astrology software. This software also creates draconic charts, tertiary and minor progressed charts, as well as 21 types of pre-natal charts. And if you would like to determine the best locations on the planet for specific astrological conditions, Solar Fire Gold can do that too.

To personalize the charts you create with Solar Fire Gold, the astrology software includes gemstone chart art and over 20 professionally designed decorative charts. You can also design your own chart by choosing from a variety of unusual fonts, backgrounds, page graphics and chart styles. Dynamic hit lists are also available in the latest version, allowing you to specify the exact planet positions you’d like to view on each chart.

Solar Fire Gold is a mother lode of astrology features, and includes every feature we looked for when considering the most important aspects of astrology software. Solar Fire Gold can cast charts of all types, and includes dozens of interpretations to help reveal a variety of aspects of any chart. Solar Fire Gold can also create astro-maps, a mapping module that creates beautiful maps of any place in the world. The ability to create a compatibility grid with orbs is another feature we enjoyed, as it assists in quickly spotting issues.

Chart Tools

For astrologers looking for a wide variety of House systems, Solar Fire Gold includes 30 different House systems. Some of these systems include Placidus, Koch, Campanus, Meridian, Morinus, Porphyry, Regiomontanus, Topocentric, Whole Signs, Alcabitius and Hindu Bhava. The application also includes the classic Medieval wheel design, as well as wheels for Horary and Uranian (Cosmobiology) techniques.

If having fixed star information is of importance, Solar Fire delivers. The software includes a set of the 31 stars and tracks the declination of stars and planets. The Fixed Star Editor also lets you add additional star meanings to those already in the database, which is an important features as new stars and asteroids are continually discovered.

You can create single, bi, tri and quad wheels with Solar Fire Gold’s charting tools. You can even create a custom-designed page with graphs and tables. The software creates every chart you will need as you practice astrology, including lesser- known charts you won‘t find anywhere else. Solar Fire Gold casts progressed, transitional, return, lunar phase, age harmonic and real time charts. As for interpretations, natal, synastic/relationship (a full synastry module), transiting, progressed and Firdaria interpretations, written by respected astrologer Stephanie Johnson, are all included with Solar Fire Gold.

Solar Fire Gold can also create lunar-phase charts that include progressed and transiting lunar phases, eclipses and phase returns. These charts are excellent at discovering the more emotional aspects of a personality, as the moon has long been respected in astrology as an important celestial body.

To create wheels that are personalized – a popular activity among astrologers – a Solar Fire Gold includes a Wheel Designer. You can change the size and number of charts on each wheel and there are options to customize the line style, cusp style, placement size and type style on each wheel you design. This astrology software also includes an array of unique page designs to suit your needs. Choose from high-quality page layouts or design your own pages, complete with unique wheels, reports and your own logo – a nice extra for professional astrologers.

Solar Fire Gold has some of the best animation chart features you’ll find in any astrology software application. You can view any single, bi, tri or quad wheel, and watch them change as the planets move forward or backwards in time. You can also control the rate of movement, or if you prefer, manually move the animation forward one step at a time. You can also animate aspects, as well as whole pages.


Detailed eclipse maps showing upcoming solar and lunar eclipses, and you’ll see how they have influenced you and how they will continue to do so. You can also separate eclipses into their own individual sections.

For those new to astrology, the renowned Nicholas deVore’s original “Encyclopedia of Astrology” is included with the software, giving you definitions and detailed explanations of important astrology concepts. The encyclopedia also includes additional edits and updates from the creators of Solar Fire Gold. In addition, we love that you can also click anywhere on a chart to see a definition; a great feature for beginners to astrology.

Help & Support

If you’re on the hunt for astrology software with outstanding help and support options, Solar Fire Gold is where it’s at. Most of the support materials are located on the company website of the software’s U.S. seller – Astrolabe, Inc. In addition to phone and email options for technical support, you’ll also find an active user forum. Thorough FAQs sections and user guides are also available on the manufacturer’s website.

With an amazing array of chart tools, powerful Swiss Ephemeris calculations and beautiful, customizable wheel designs, Solar Fire Gold truly is the gold standard of astrology software. While it contains many features geared to the advanced understanding of seasoned professionals, this incredible software can easily be used by beginners and is guaranteed to deliver easy-to-create yet accurate charts.