bagel slicers – Tablecraft, 2017

The Tablecraft E5613 is a simple cutting system that cuts your bagel into even halves so you can create a sandwich or share with a family member. This bagel cutter is a small, lightweight handheld model that is convenient to use, cuts through bagels quickly, and includes a safety guard.

This handheld bagel cutter makes it easy to cut your food into two even slices. At only 8 inches long, this utensil is small enough to comfortably store in a drawer or other small space. The handle does have a hanging hole in it, so you can also hang this bagel slicer anywhere in your kitchen if you’d rather. The non-slip handles offer padding to ensure you have a safe, comfortable and firm grip while using the tool to slice your bagel.

This bread slicer includes a durable, stain resistant, stainless steel blade housed in a single plastic unit. A useful feature of the E5613 are the plastic safety guides that surround the blade. These safety guides wrap around the outside of the bagel, holding it in place for safe cutting. The safety guides also ensure that your fingers and hands never come into contact with the blade while it’s in use. This model is not adjustable and measures 2 inches wide. This means the bagel cutter will work with most bagel sizes, but may not work with thicker bread or buns.

The blade is not replaceable, so if you break it, you will need to replace the entire product. The bagel slicer is inexpensive, so you can easily replace it should it break. This bagel slicer is dishwasher safe and is rated for both home and commercial dishwashers. As it is a one-piece unit, you don’t have to take anything apart before cleaning it.

This Tablecraft cutter is a user-friendly tool that allows you to slice bread, bagels and other types of buns. With the Tablecraft E5613, you don???t have to worry about keeping up with multiple parts or putting anything together. The utensil includes only one solid piece to make it manageable and easy to clean.