best 3d scanners – Da Vinci 2017

The Da Vinci 1.0 AiO distinguishes itself from the other best 3D scanners through its unique design as an all-in-one 3D scanner and printer. Rather than forcing you to purchase two separate devices, you can use this one unit to perform all of your 3D designing needs, from quickly scanning objects in your home to printing 3D object files. Using the provided software you can both edit 3D object models and scan them through easy-to-follow steps.

This device not only caters to 3D scanning, but 3D printing for increased usability. This scanner can build large 3D objects up to 8 inches in size and can scan objects up to 6 inches. The scanner is designed as a partially enclosed device for safety, with only one side through which you can insert and remove objects. Its compact design and handholds allow you to easily pick up the device and move it as needed without throwing off the scanner???s calibration.

On the front of the 3D scanner imaging device, it has a 2.6-inch LCD screen with six navigation buttons. Through this interface, you can view the device???s status, load and unload printing filament, calibrate and more. You can also connect the unit to a computer using a USB cable, through which scans and print jobs can be managed using XYZWare and XYZScan, two applications designed to handle object files for editing and printing.

To perform a scan, you simply launch XYZScan and click a single button. The machine then raises the print platform to reveal a turntable scanning platform where you then place the object for scanning. Utilizing a dual 3D laser scanner, the system then performs a full scan within an average of five minutes. The software allows you to specify scan options, such as automatically detecting color and identifying light and darkness. Once scanned, you can perform touch-ups to improve the level of smoothness and other details.

This 3D scanner consolidates two devices into one. Few scanners let you to print objects, which can prove a significant cost savings. Combined with its provided scanning and printing software, this device is one that fully enables you to actively create your own models and share them with friends and family without draining your wallet.