best bluetooth mouse – Microsoft Arc Touch, 2017

When you line up multiple Bluetooth mice next to each other, the Microsoft Arc Touch is one of the few that stands out because of its unique design, which makes it one of the most portable wireless mice available while maintaining comfort for each grip type. It’s unfortunate that you can only use it with Windows 8.


In our surface accuracy tests, it scored a 90 percent on laminate and wood, which are the two most common desktop surfaces. It scored an average 85 percent on denim, carpet and glass. The only surface that it scored below average on was marble, at 80 percent. Either way, you can expect it to work on most surfaces that you encounter without much problem.

As with most mice, it has a left- and right-click function. Beyond that, it uses a touch-sensitive surface for gestures that allow you to scroll, zoom and swipe, which are common gestures within the Windows 8 interface. That’s the biggest flaw with the Arc Touch ??? it only works in Windows 8. It can pair with your Windows 7 or Windows Vista computer, but the cursor and the functions don’t respond to your movements. A Macintosh doesn’t even recognize it, which is expected.

You turn it off by making it flat, which makes it highly portable. When flat, it’s one of the thinnest Bluetooth mice available, making it an easy fit in a pocket or computer bag. We gave it a 100 percent portability score as a result. If you’re always on the move with your laptop, it’s perfect because it flattens out. Bending the body turns it on and gives it the arc shape common with computer mice. The arc shape is ideal for a palm grip, but it’s also comfortable with the claw and fingertip grips.

The Microsoft Arc Touch is among the best Bluetooth mice on common surfaces like laminate and wood, but it’s only average on more difficult surfaces like marble and glass. The arc design is comfortable for all grip types and the touch gestures are effective, but only if you own a Windows 8 computer, because it doesn’t work on older versions of Windows.