best cassette to mp3 converters – Cassette-to-MP3 Converter Capture, 2017

The AGPtek Tape to PC Super USB Cassette-to-MP3 Converter Capture is a cassette to MP3 converter that had the potential to rank in top tier of our review of the best products in this category. Unfortunately, there are serious shortcomings in the quality of the converted audio that kept it out of award-winning territory.


The hardware component of this converter is a tape deck called Super USB Cassette Capture. This device is the same unit used on two of the other products on our lineup. It???s simple enough to use. Simply insert the tape you want to digitize, connect the device to a computer via the included USB cord, open any sound capturing application, hit record and press play on the cassette player. The software then records the contents of the tape as it plays back.

One of its most useful features is its auto-reverse feature. When a tape comes to the end of one side, it automatically begins playing the opposite side. This is useful, because it means you don???t have to stop the recording to flip the tape over manually.

Like several other products on our lineup, this cassette to MP3 converter comes with a copy of Audacity. This sound recording software is an adequate solution for transferring your cassettes to a computer. It has a fully array of editing tools that allows you to perform both basic and advanced audio enhancements. However, to a user that is not already familiar with audio editing, this program has a steep learning curve. If you???re not an audio expert, you may be better served to find another audio recording application somewhere online.

As simple as the process is, there are some missing features that would make this product more user-friendly. The best cassette converters come with software components that automatically detect and separate tracks on your tape. Audacity requires you to split up and export songs manually. Additionally, the best recording applications walk you through the process of converting your cassette tapes step-by-step. Audacity requires you to figure this process out for yourself.

The chief shortcoming of this product is the quality of the audio it produces. When we compared the converted audio against both the original recording and a digital version of the same content, we noted serious flaws such as crackles, pops, warble that would come in intervals of between 20 and 30 seconds. These imperfections rendered the audio nearly unlistenable. In short, the quality of the converted songs was the worst of any product on our lineup.

The AGPtek Tape to PC Super USB Cassette-to-MP3 Converter Capture is a tool that offers some useful audio editing tools through Audacity. However, the end product is so poor that any positive features it has are essentially irrelevant.