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Corsair is one of the most popular names in the computer memory upgrade business. We found links to Corsair all over the web and reviews found this RAM to be reliable and fast. Whether you are an intense gamer or want to make your computer speed up just a little, approval winning Corsair will have an upgrade to fit your needs. However, the website does not have as many help options or is as easily navigated as Crucial.


There are literally hundreds and hundreds of RAM upgrades available. There are different speeds, sizes and types. It is vitally important that you find the upgrade that works best for your computer before making any purchases. We suggest you go to a RAM Configurator and either let it scan your computer or search by manufacturer. The upgrade we chose to review was a DDR3 with a speed of 1600. This upgrade is a fairly standard upgrade and works with a large variety of different computers. We chose to review a dual-channel upgrade with a total of 4 GB. So all the products we reviewed were somewhat similar in speed and memory size.

The Corsair product was one of the fastest of all the products we reviewed. The latency speed was one of the lowest that we looked at. Latency is a measurement of how fast memory can be accessed on the RAM upgrade. When looking at latency scores, the lower the numbers are, the faster. There are four numbers in the measurement because it is measured in clock cycles. Another thing to keep in mind is that DDR3 latency is measured differently than DDR2, so don???t try and compare the two. You have to look at DDR2 and DDR3 modules separately.

The voltage that the Corsair device requires is the same as most other similar products. The voltage ratings tell you how much voltage the module uses. Like latency, the lower the number, the better.

The double data rate three (DDR3) and synchronous dynamic random access memory (SDRAM) is the newest module that computer memory upgrades are using. DDR3 is a way to measure theoretical bandwidth and DDR3 devices are not compatible with DDR2 devices. DDR3s have more bandwidth, use less voltage and are faster than DDR2 devices. While there are still many DDR2 devices still in use, most are being phased out and DDR3 devices are becoming the standard.

The actual speed of the modules we reviewed was 1600 megatransfers per second (MT/s). Megatransfer is another way of saying one million data transfers per second. The PC3 12800 is a measurement of theoretical bandwidth and is calculated by multiplying the speed by eight. This is done because data transfers are done by bytes, and there are 8 bits in a byte.


We reviewed computer memory upgrades that all have the same capacity. However, we recommend you find the capacity and all the specifications that are right for you. You can do searches on the manufacturer???s website before purchasing a product.

We reviewed a Corsair product that is a dual-channel upgrade with two sticks of RAM that are 2 GB each. Dual channel means the two modules are side by side, doubling the data input. The two sticks do not have to be the same size, but it is recommended.

The Corsair module, like all the others we looked at, is non-error correcting code (non-ECC). This is also known as non-parity. ECC modules are usually found in large networks or servers, not in personal computers. The device we reviewed is also unbuffered, meaning the data is accessed directly. Buffered modules, also used by servers and networks, cache data to be accessed at a later time.

The Corsair module we reviewed also has a metal device covering the memory to absorb heat. These devices are called heat spreaders and they help protect the devices from getting too hot and damaging the sensitive portions of the RAM.

There are a variety of help options available from Corsair. When we sent an email asking a question, we received an answer almost immediately. Corsair also has an area to navigate through frequently asked questions. We were able to find answers to most our questions in this section. We also liked the user forum sponsored by Corsair. Not only were we able to post questions and receive answers, we were also able to read reviews of the Corsair products. Corsair also covers all of their devices with a lifetime warranty.

Corsair does not sell its products. After you find the device you want, there will be links to distributors such as The price is displayed so you can easily find the cheapest price available.

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Corsair is a dependable brand that produces fast computer memory upgrades. You can count on a reliable product from this company.