best computer speakers – Pioneer S-MM251 2017

The Pioneer S-MM251 computer speakers are certainly an upgrade from the stock speakers built into your laptop. These laptop speakers are the smallest and most compact pair that we reviewed. If you are looking for a small, inexpensive upgrade for your laptop or desktop, these speakers will do the trick.


The first thing you will notice about these computer speakers is the small and sleek design. These speakers are nice because they only take up a minimal amount of room.

One thing to keep in mind is the Pioneer S-MM251 speakers only connect to your computer via USB. It doesn???t have a 3.5 mm (1/8-inch) connection and it lacks Bluetooth capabilities. You can???t plug these speakers directly into an iPod of other device that doesn???t have a USB port, which is disappointing. Furthermore, the USB cable is attached to the speakers and is only about a foot long, which doesn???t give you a ton of options for where to put your speakers.

These computer speakers sound decent considering how small they are. They don???t come close to the sound quality compared to our best laptop speakers we reviewed, but they are definitely an upgrade from your stock laptop speakers. With speakers this small, you aren???t going to get the bass response that everyone desires. The highs and mids sounded clear, but the bass was lacking. The volume doesn???t get as loud as other speakers that we reviewed.

The front of the left speaker hosts the volume controls and mute button. Note that the mute button only silences the speakers; it does not pause the playback. The USB connection also powers these speakers. The absence of an additional power cord is a nice touch.

We were not able to find much helpful information concerning this set of Pioneer desktop speakers. If you have the model number for your speakers you can email support, but there isn???t much more information you are going to find on the Pioneer website about these speakers. There isn???t a FAQ or downloadable manual.

These speakers are certainly an inexpensive upgrade from your laptop speakers. The small design is convenient but this set of Pioneer speakers isn???t very powerful.