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Schtickers is the next custom laptop skin designer on our lineup, earning my approval, with a very powerful design application and a healthy selection of supported devices. The company’s name may be a bit odd, but trust us, it’s serious about providing value to its customers. The service falls behind the competition slightly when it comes to customer support, but the web app is powerful and intuitive enough to stand on its own without the need for massive amounts of outside help. It’s not the easiest app to use, but it is a great deal cleaner and much more understandable than some of the lower-ranked services’ design apps. If you’re looking to create a custom phone skin or laptop skin and you want the utmost in customization, Schtickers is the service for you.

Designer Features

Retrofitted Designs LLC ??? the parent company of Schtickers ??? strives to create low-cost, high-value products that help its customers re-envision their devices and gadgets. Schtickers is a major step for the company in this category; the high degree of customization that the service offers for an impressive amount of devices truly accomplishes this objective for its customers.

The design web app is clean and easily understandable. All of the standard features that you need to start creating your own custom laptop skins are within easy reach, granting you quick access to your own custom designs. You can upload your own photos or images to customize your skin or you can use images and designs from the service’s proprietary library. Its instant preview is also moderately helpful, though it doesn’t show you more than what you see in the basic designer.

Schtickers offers skins for a range of devices, from laptops to smartphones to MP3 players. The company also advertises the rare option to trim skins to match individual laptops and other devices. If you’ve got a good idea of the dimensions of your device, you can use a close-match skin and trim it to your specific needs. This feature greatly expands the number of options available to you; although it is slightly inconvenient, it’s still a great advantage that Schtickers provides over its competitors.

The cleanliness of the designer app makes it very easy to use. Beyond its simple layout and giant function buttons, pop-ups with instructions and helpful tips appear to guide you through the process. If that isn’t enough, there are also video tutorials on using the designer in the actual designer interface.

That said, we still had a few hiccups along the road to making our own custom laptop skin. There were inexplicable delays and hang-ups when we used the app, and occasionally, windows that we opened would refuse to close after we were finished with them. For the most part, Schtickers is easy to use, but there are a few inconveniences that kept it from excelling.

Product Selection

With in-app tutorials, a 30-day return policy, phone and email support, and a FAQs section, Schtickers has all the pieces in place for high-quality customer support. The FAQs section is a bit thin for our liking, however. We didn’t have many problems that required live help though, so while it isn’t the most robust customer support offering we reviewed, it is adequate for customers’ needs.

For maximum customization for your personalized laptop skin needs, Schtickers offers a service with plenty of tools. The design application has a hard time with some tasks and the customer support isn’t as thorough as it could be, but you will still be pleased with what you received from this custom phone skin service.

Ease of Use

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