best custom laptop skins – Unique Skins

Custom laptop skins are a good solution for laptop users who want to express their individuality. Unique Skins is a service that allows you to design your own custom print to slap right on the outer case of your notebook. Having a unique look to your laptop not only helps you stand out from the crowd, but also helps prevent someone from accidently walking off with your laptop because they have the same model. Furthermore, it provides a deterrent to would-be thieves because laptops with unique skins are easily identifiable.


Once you’ve selected the make and model of your particular laptop, the Unique Skins website provides you with a skin designer specific to that machine. This is invaluable because every laptop has its own size, weight and dimensions. The “one size fits all” routine simply won’t work with laptops. Unique Skins understands this fact and has designers for nearly every laptop you can think of.

One thing that Unique Skin lacks is vector art capability. Simply put, vector art allows you to scale an image as large as you want without pixilation. Therefore, if you choose to upload your own images, make sure they are large enough to cover your entire laptop.

Unique Skins scores points for its remarkable accessibility to users of all technical and artistic skill levels. Simply punch up the Unique Skins website and select the Laptop Skins tab on the left sidebar. That brings you to a brand-selection screen. This is where you tell Unique Skins what type of laptop you want to trick out. This brand list is comprehensive. It includes all the major brands, including Apple, Acer, Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba and more. There is even a generic option that covers custom-built laptops or machines built by a local computer outfit.

While this review site focuses on laptop skins, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that Unique Skins livens up much more than just your laptop. The left sidebar of Unique Skin’s website gives you access to designers for almost every electronic device you use on a daily basis. Non-laptop skin designers include everything from iPhones, iPods and iPads to gaming consoles and Bluetooth headsets. There are even scratch-resistant skins for your touchscreen devices.

The designers are quite simple to use. Unique Skins provides a number of premade graphics to choose from, if those suit your fancy. If you are artistically inclined, Unique Skins allows you to upload your own image files to the designer. You can even put a picture of your dog or your baby directly onto a skin. You literally can put any image file into the designer. We love how versatile this tool is.

Phone support and email support are readily available. While these options???along with a healthy FAQs section???are enough for most needs, we would have liked to have seen more options from Unique Skins.

Unique Skins provides a simple solution for creating bright, colorful custom skins for your laptop or other electronic devices. Its simplistic user interface and wide variety of device compatibility make it ideal for users of all technical and artistic abilities. If this service had included vector art, it would be a near perfect service. Alas, nothing is perfect.