best document scanners – Brother ImageCenter 2017

The Brother ImageCenter ADS-2000 is a durable, high-speed document scanner that saves digital files as searchable PDFs or HTML, RTF or TXT files. It can scan both sides of the paper at speeds of up to 24 pages per minute and operates from Windows, Mac and Linux computers.


This scanner was designed to perform many of the most common office functions. It can produce a scan to go out as an email attachment, it can scan to folders of your choice and it can scan to an application you specify. For example, it can scan and export directly to any Microsoft Office application, Microsoft Outlook or other contact-management systems. The Brother ImageCenter ADS-2000 can take a stack of business cards and send them to a searchable, editable database, sorting your contacts any way you prefer. The Brother ImageCenter also applies post-scanning corrections where needed. It digitally removes blank pages, straightens crooked images, and recognizes and prepares text for conversion to searchable PDFs or TXT files.

The automatic document feeder holds up to 50 sheets of paper and scans batches of paper up to legal size. It also scans roll paper or long receipts up to 34 inches in length. At seven and a half pounds, it is the heaviest scanner we tested. The unit carries a 1,500-page daily duty cycle recommendation from parent company Brother, which is less than many of the scanners in our review.

The Brother ImageCenter ADS-2000 is not as powerful when it comes to connectivity. While you can scan documents and access them using your Android mobile devices, you cannot do the same from your iPhone or iPad. The scanner is also not a wireless model and requires a dedicated connection from your computer or mobile device for initial transfers.

Brother offers both lifetime technical support and a formal one-year warranty with this unit. Email, phone calls and live chat are offered for support issues. In addition, other support helps like FAQs, video demonstrations, downloadable software, drivers and manuals, and the ability to sign up for and be notified of driver updates are available.

While the Brother ImageCenter ADS-2000 falls a little short on connectivity, the basic model is a powerhouse of usability and reliability, and support for this scanner is exceptionally good. It sends documents to many different applications. While it is a slightly larger and heavier model, it remains in the portable and front-desk friendly arena.