best firewire cables – Gefen FireWire 800 Cable

The Gefen FireWire 800 cable is well built and ideal for connecting computers to a variety of devices. Gefen also offers other FireWire cable options, but not many – its FireWire 800 cable only comes in one length. The company’s help and support webpage is vast, but limited when it comes to FireWire cables. This product lands in seventh place on our lineup of the best FireWire interface cables.


The Gefen FireWire 800 cable features two 9-pin (male) to 9-pin (male) connectors, allowing signal throughput speeds of 800Mbps (Megabits per second). This is ideal for quickly transferring large amounts of data and files from a computer to a compatible external FireWire hard drive. This cable is also ideal for connecting your computer to external disc burners.

The plastic behind this cable’s connectors is blue, while the cable itself is gray, making it easy to organize alongside other types of cables, such as USB 2.0. Since most connectivity cables of all types are black, it’s easy to grab the wrong cable at first glance, especially if there are many in your array.

Although Gefen’s FireWire cables and other offerings appear to be aimed at professional users such as non-linear video editors, other people, including average consumers, can use them as well. Whether you’re using a professional non-linear editing (NLE) software app such as Final Cut Pro, or a consumer-friendly version like Premiere Elements, FireWire 800 is ideal for software-based video editing. These cables’ data-transfer speeds are consistent and adequately fast for this type of use.

One thing we’d like to point out is that aside from a page with terminology on FireWire (IEEE-1394), the company doesn’t have any information on its FireWire cables sales webpages apart from a list of its other FireWire cables and related products.

The Gefen FireWire 800 cable is built well and has protective coating to keep it safe from daily wear and shield the cable’s core from radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic (EM) interference. These types of interference can disrupt the signal flow through the FireWire cable, slowing it down or stopping it altogether.

Gefen offers some variety in its FireWire cable options. It sells only one FireWire 800 cable length (six feet), but it also sells a 15-foot and 33-foot FireWire 400 cable (6-pin). The company also offers FireWire 400 and 800 repeaters and a FireWire 800 extender, both of which are often used in high-end professional situations for connecting devices in an office or for video post production, for example.

On its website, Gefen still lists a FireWire 400 female to female adapter as available, although it has been discontinued. This type of adapter is useful if you have two FireWire 400 (6-pin) cables that aren’t long enough. With the adapter, you can connect two cables to double their effective lengths. However, this can potentially slow down the signal speed, which is why Gefen sells repeaters and extenders.

Gefen has a large help and support section on its website, but the information pertaining to FireWire products is limited. These options include a Terminology section that explains what FireWire (IEEE-1394) is, an RMA/Order Status page, a user forum (that has no FireWire section) and direct contact via phone and email.

The Gefen FireWire cables are efficient and built to stand up to daily wear and tear. Its quality construction shields it from any sort of interference. However, the company only manufactures and sells a 6-foot FireWire 800 cable, and support options for FireWire are limited. Moreover, the price for this cable is higher than similar FireWire 800 cables’ prices are, which detracts from the products overall value.