best graphics cards – Nvidia GeForce GTX 770, 2017

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 looks somewhat familiar. In fact, it uses the same chipset that made the GTX 680 a powerful graphics card. The GK104 chipset sees its apex in the GTX 770, being tuned to run a little bit faster than its GTX 680 predecessor does. The GTX 770 is a very capable graphics card with an impressively high memory clock speed and an above-average core clock speed.


We were impressed with the GTX 770’s performance at 1080p. For our graphics card comparison, we tested across many modern games and measured average frame rates. The GTX 770 managed to reach an average of 71.6 fps. In most games, you can expect to get above 60 fps at the highest settings. However, gaming at 4K is a bit of a chore. You’ll get around 36 fps with this card at such high resolutions.

It’s surprising that the GTX 770 performs as well as it does. If you were to only look at the specifications, then you might conclude this Nvidia graphics card would fall behind the competition. It has relatively high clock speeds, but the 256-bit bus limits its total memory bandwidth to 223.3GBps. That’s not exactly a small amount, but it’s not impressive compared to the best graphics cards. The GK104 chipset only has 1,536 CUDA cores, which is considerably less than other, similarly priced options.

For a card that offers as much rendering power as the GTX 770, it remains fairly quiet, even under a full load. While idling, the card generates 30.9 dBA. At maximum load, it gets louder, all the way up to 41.3 dBA. If we’re talking about comparative sound levels, then 40 dB isn’t very loud. But if you’re sitting right next to your computer, at 40 dB, you’re getting close to how loud bird chirps are: They aren’t overly loud, but they are definitely noticeable.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 is a powerful graphics card that combines a solid GPU with relatively low noise and power levels. It is also an efficient graphics card that can handle any game on the highest settings when using a 1080p monitor. Despite its hardware looking weaker than that of similar options on the market, the GTX 770’s real-world performance is impressive.