best laptop bags – Thule Laptop Bag 2017 – Top Tens

Mac enthusiasts will be pleased to know that there is a high-profile laptop bag that provides weatherproof protection. Made by Thule, the Gauntlet 15″ MacBook Pro Attaché was designed with a very specific set of Mac users in mind. This product is more than just a well-fitted laptop bag. The exterior of its clamshell-like case is made of all-weather material, and it even includes water-resistant zippers, to ensure maximum protection in rainy and other wet conditions.

The bag uses compressible foam padding to absorb shock and impact, which protects your laptop without adding bulk or weight. For as slender and minimalist as it appears, the Thule Gauntlet has a generous amount of additional space that you can use to bring along any additional electronics you may need. There is bonus space for an iPad in a dedicated pocket on the inside of the laptop bag’s top flap. This laptop bag includes pockets that will fit iPhones of various sizes, iPods and other small electronics. The base of the laptop case is wider than the top so that it can accommodate additional components, such as power cables and charging devices.

Another distinguishing characteristic of the Thule Gauntlet is that it is designed to let you use your MacBook Pro without having to completely remove it from the case. This is convenient if you need to access your laptop quickly and don’t have a lot of room to spread out. The bag has two elastic hinges, which serve to keep the lid upright for more convenient out-of-the-bag laptop usage.

The Thule Gauntlet comes with an attachable shoulder strap that can be stowed away in a side pocket when not in use. An elastic band is designed to fit snugly over your MacBook Pro, and it acts like a seatbelt that keeps your computer from moving around while inside the case.

Among the best laptop bags and cases we found for the MacBook user on the go, the Thule Gauntlet strikes a good balance between protection, efficiency and convenience of use. It comes with a 25-year quality guarantee that will likely outlive generations of your laptop computers.