best mac portable hard drives – Western Digital 500 GB

The Western Digital external drive for Mac is portable and small enough to fit in your pocket. You can take the Mac portable hard drive anywhere, and its 500-gigabyte capacity will be enough for you to store large amounts of data. From feature-length film collections to entire hard drive backup, this Apple external hard drive is a terrific solution for business and personal use. However, it doesn’t have as much storage as some other similar devices, and it is not USB 3.0-enabled, making the data transfer capabilities much slower.


This Western Digital portable hard drive is very simple to use and is a true plug-and-play device. It connects to your computer via a simple USB cable that will power the device and transfer information back and forth. This Mac portable hard drive holds 500 gigabytes, which is as huge amount of storage. While some other similar units may offer more capacity, if you’re not looking for a large amount of storage, this external hard drive is an ideal solution.

The rate at which data is transferred is dependent on the connection between the portable hard drive and the computer or laptop to which it is connected. The latest and fastest model is the USB 3.0 connection, which is replacing the 2.0. The new connection can transfer at speeds about 10 times that of the older models. However, both the computer and the drive have to be 3.0-enabled in order to achieve these speeds. This Mac portable hard drive is not 3.0-enabled, but if you don’t have a computer that’s 3.0 compatible and you’re not planning on upgrading anytime soon, this portable hard drive will function adequately.

You use this drive like you would any other stationary hard drive. It can be used for media storage and can hold more than 50 average-length movies. However, one of the most common uses is hard drive backup and storage. This Mac portable hard drive comes with a basic third-party application that will help you back up your entire drive or just portions of it. The application is completely customizable and not only makes a copy of your entire computer, but then makes it very simple to transport. It is also compatible with Apple Time Machine.

The sleek and safe design of this Mac portable hard drive is very appealing. It is a durable device that can be used for a variety of tasks and will be able to take the wear and tear that comes with being moved around so easily. We just miss having a USB 3.0 connection for the faster speeds.

With an extended three-year warranty, this Mac portable hard drive offers one of the best protection plans on the market. If you have any problems with the drive, you can contact customer service representatives via telephone or email. All of our interactions with the customer support representatives were extremely positive.

The Western Digital Mac portable hard drive is an outstanding option for those looking for a drive that does not have an overload of storage space. The extended three-year warranty makes this a reliable purchase. However, it is not USB 3.0-enabled.