best rugged laptops – Algiz XRW

The Algiz XRW rugged notebook is the smallest product in our lineup, yet the small size doesn’t diminish its ruggedness. The downside to having such a small rugged laptop is the lack of space for ports and memory. If you are interested in larger rugged computers, take a look at the Getac B300, Amrel ROCKY RT and Panasonic Toughbook 31.


This rugged laptop has the MIL-STD 810 and IP65 certifications that make this a great water resistant laptop. Not only is this unit dust proof, but with the IP liquid rating of 5, it is a waterproof laptop that can withstand jets of water. The operating temperature for this unit is also more than what you might expect out of something its size: from -6?? F to 158?? F (-21?? C to 70?? C). This is more than what a human body can handle.

The downside to having such a small rugged laptop is there just isn???t any space to put hardware. This unit only has a maximum RAM of 2GB and a maximum hard drive size of 64GB. The number of available ports is also limited; the unit only has one serial port, two USB ports, one VGA output and a few audio ports. It does have the advantage of having an SD card slot which can help when working with large files. The main reason why this rugged laptop ranked as low as it did in our review is this lack of memory and the few ports. That said, there is a market for a rugged netbook which doesn???t require all that we would expect from a larger computer. The operating system it comes with is Windows 7 Ultimate.

The advantage this rugged laptop has over the other products in the lineup is the fact that it comes with a 2MP camera. It can also be equipped with GPS, Bluetooth, and Gobi 3G. All these connectivity options make this a useful durable laptop when you have limited space and still need to get your work done. Other options include a vehicle dock, an office dock, and a Kensington lock. We were disappointed to see that there is no touchscreen option for the display since most of the other rugged laptops in our lineup offer one. Having a touchscreen is useful when you don???t want to try to type with gloved fingers on a smaller keyboard.

This product was released September 2010, and the manufacturer is still integrating it into different applications. Already they have worked with other companies to provide solutions and customization options that can???t be found in an off-the-shelf product. They offer products for forestry, construction, public safety and waste management, and they are continuing to branch out. This rugged laptop is not as suited to the military applications as some of the other products in the lineup.

The Algiz XRW is a great rugged laptop that is easy to pick up and take with you wherever you might be going. With more applications being developed the longer it is out, this small device may be the rugged computer for you, especially if you happen to be working in tight quarters.