best slide to digital image converters – Wolverine SNaP-14 2017

Editor’s Note: The Wolverine SNaP-14 has been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced by its successor, the Wolverine SNaP-20. We’ve redirected our purchase links to the SnAP-20, and will update this review to discuss the new product as soon as possible.


The Wolverine SNaP-14 earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award because of its innovative design and ease of use. With features like a built-in display screen, internal memory and an SD card slot, it converts slides, negatives and photos to a digital format. With a 14 MP image sensor and three-second conversion rate, it stands out in the crowd.

Just a few years ago, digital imaging devices were expensive and hard to find, and paying someone to convert your media can easily run into the thousands of dollars. This device lets you preserve your images without breaking the bank. Depending on the number of pictures you have to scan, this unit is a cost-effective alternative.

It’s not difficult to find a slide converter that will digitize 35 mm slides and film; every converter we reviewed can handle this commonly found format. Wolverine’s SNaP-14 is set apart by its ability to scan printed photographs. Moreover, it can accommodate photos up to 5 x 7 inches in size ??? by comparison, most of the other photo-scanning converters we reviewed can only handle 4 x 6 prints.

Although the ability to convert slides and negatives is paramount in a slide scanner, many of us have old photo albums that, like our slide collections, we rarely look at. By making them digital, you can send them to family and friends online, all while preventing further degradation over time.

At 14 MP, the Wolverine SNaP-14 has one of the highest resolutions available in converters. It includes color and brightness adjustments with built-in LED lights that shine through as each frame is shot. Be advised, this converter captures any flaws the image has, including scratches, dust and color imperfections.

Image Quality

Although the color and brightness adjustment is useful, this converter lacks built-in editing features. The SNaP-14 would benefit from editing tools like a scratch and dust remover. However, out of the gate and with no adjustments, the Wolverine provides excellent conversion quality.

The Wolverine SNaP-14 is speedy as it converts pictures to a digital format, allowing you to save photos in three seconds or less. While flatbed scanners record color using a slow moving bar, this unit captures images instantly by taking a quick digital photo.

This converter is easy to use and comes with as quick-start guide in the back of the user manual. Once the unit is turned on, icons pop up on the display screen. Using the arrow keys, you can scroll through the different menu options. When you click the Convert button, your slide image appears on the screen. The menu icons also allow you to set the color effect to either multicolor or black and white. Additional features include a capture icon to start photo-converting mode, a playback mode to review converted images and a language setting. There is also an icon that notifies you when the memory is full. In testing, we found the menu to be intuitive and easy to use.

While the color and brightness adjustment is useful, the size of the display screen is a drawback. At 2.4 inches, the small screen makes it hard to see what you are doing as you make corrections. However, the screen is nice for making sure the images are lined up straight in their trays.

You cannot save your images directly to a PC, but the offloading process to a PC takes only a few seconds with the included USB cable. The Wolverine SNaP-14 has an internal storage capacity of 20MB and supports up to 32GB of expandable memory via an SD card. If you rely solely on the integrated memory, you can only capture a limited number of images before having to transfer data. Included with the converter are three photo alignment brackets, one slide tray, one negatives tray, a power adapter and a USB connecter.

All Wolverine products come with a one-year warranty, and an instruction manual is included with each purchase. There are plenty of options for contacting the company, including a phone number and an email address. Wolverine???s customer support is readily available with answers to questions. We appreciated the quick responses we received to our emails and phone calls.


We researched dozens of converters, and this unit clearly rises above most. If you have stacks of media to convert, including slides, photos and negatives, the Wolverine SNaP-14 is one of your best bets. Ultimately, if your goal is to stop further deterioration of your slides, photos and film, this is an affordable alternative to professional conversion services for preserving images.

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