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AUVIO Wireless Amplified Speakers, which are manufactured by AUVIO, a company that makes speakers and other audio visual equipment that is exclusively sold by Radio Shack, are a fine example of two-way wireless computer speaker technology. These boxy speakers have an impressive range of 300 feet and work well for households with toddlers, wheelchair users, the elderly and anyone who may be encumbered by wires. Because of their true portability and stereo-quality sound, we???re excited to include the AUVIO Wireless Amplified Speakers in our wireless computer speaker review.


The AUVIO Wireless Amplified Speakers are a dual speaker system with one left speaker and one right speaker that provide true stereo sound. They include separate treble and bass controls; which is a rarity among most wireless computer speakers. These speakers are perfect for rear-channel surround-sound and have a very crisp treble and present bass. These speakers take audio quality seriously and will certainly please the most discerning ear.

Not to be outdone by other wireless computer speakers on the market, the AUVIO Wireless Amplified Speakers have an impressive range of 300 feet, which is an amazingly far range that allows for virtually unlimited flexibility in providing full-bodied audio to multiple rooms in most standard-sized homes. The impressive range is powered by the speakers’ more-than-adequate transmitter.

The speakers come with a separate, stylish, 910MHz transmitter that is the talking point between your computer or audio source and the speakers. This transmitter comes with an AC Adapter and a quarter-inch to eighth-inch adapter for the audio- input jack on your computer. The main step in installation is connecting your computer to the wireless speaker system.

The dynamic sound of the AUVIO Wireless Amplified Speakers is powerful thanks to its 50hz???20khz frequency response. The speakers have an output power totaling 10W and allow 20dB in sound sensitivity.

AUVIO Wireless Amplified Speakers are 11 inches in height, 7.7 inches in width and 5.9 inches depth. Their overall weight is five pounds, and they come with a 36inch RCA cable.


AUVIO Wireless Amplified Speakers have the always-useful auto tune feature that helps your speakers search for the broadcast signal with the clearest, most static-free sound. In addition to the volume control, there are individual treble and bass controls on the front of each speaker in a hidden compartment at the bottom that flips open. The speakers are wall mountable and come with keyhole slots on the back that can fit over a screw head to be mounted on the wall.

Sound quality of the AUVIO Wireless Amplified Speakers is sure to please. They give audio crisp treble, present bass, some buyers however have complained of lesser than expected volume output, most likely due to their 10W max output power. And by going completely wireless, by putting 8 D batteries in each speaker, you???ll have streaming, full-bodied, surprisingly clear sound in any room of your home.

A user manual is included with your purchase, and it is also available online at Radio Shack???s website. A quick start guide is also available online. If you???d like to speak with someone directly at either AUVIO or Radio Shack, there are toll-free numbers for both. The wireless speakers come with a one-year warranty. A two- year warranty is available for a small additional fee.

Having great sound for whatever you???re listening to, no matter where you are, is now within reach thanks to wireless computer speaker systems like the AUVIO Wireless Amplified Speakers. With their far range, powerful transmitter and dual power-source options, the AUVIO Wireless Amplified Speakers are a great choice and a worthy product to include in our wireless computer speaker review.

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