bitcoin exchanges – CEX.IO, 2017

CEX.IO has been in business since 2013, and its location is in London, England. It charges a reasonable fee for transactions, has a large number of active traders, and you can buy bitcoins on this exchange using your credit card or a bank transfer.

Registering to buy and sell bitcoins on this exchange is fast and lets you trade bitcoin or other decentralized currencies. While some other exchanges for bitcoin charge a different fee depending on the volume traded, this one charges a flat rate, so you always know what your trade costs. This eliminates the need to wait for a better rate or having to trade in volume to get a lower rate. Another nice feature is that this exchange is open 24-hours per day, so you can trade at times that are most convenient for you. There is a limit on trading. The exchange bans the IP address of anyone making over 600 requests in a short period.

Fees charged for your buy, sell or trade transactions are 0.2 percent, which is low when compared to the price of bitcoins. You do not incur fees with bank transfers; however, there is a fee associated with payment cards.

Currencies accepted by this exchange to buy bitcoins are the U.S. dollar, euro and British pound. It not only deals in bitcoin but also lets you buy, sell and trade most of the major cryptocurrencies. Flat currencies and cryptocurrencies offered can vary in each exchange, and this one offers a good representation of both.

Security is an important feature of buying, selling and trading on a bitcoin exchange. This exchange uses two-factor authentication and a security question to provide protection for individual accounts. This works through the use of a digital signature. By generating a private signing key that you are the only one with access to, a public key is produced for verification.

The trading to buy bitcoins on this exchange involves around 400,000 traders who are active in a 30-day period. That large a volume gives you more opportunity to buy, sell and trade, compared to smaller exchanges. The API gives you control over your own account by using custom software geared to meet your needs.

CEX.IO is a large cryptocurrency exchange with heavy monthly volume that lets you trade, buy or sell bitcoins around the clock at your own convenience. It accepts the U.S. dollar, British pound and Euro, and you can deal in bitcoin and also in many of the other major cryptocurrencies.