blenders – Blendtec Designer Series 2017

The Blendtec Classic 560 offers power and versatility in a blender. The device not only serves as a blender, but it also can mix, juice and grind foods as well. With 1,560 watts, this blender provides you with the power you need to grind food, though not everything it makes is totally smooth.


During testing, we found that this blender performed well with ice. It has the power and strength to shred the ice, which is ideal for blended drinks. However, when we made soup, nut butter and smoothies with this blender, it left behind chunks of food.

While this is not the best smoothie blender, it offers a wide selection of speeds. The blender has four different speed settings, as well as a pulse button. All of its controls are smooth push buttons, and it has an illuminated display that shows the remaining blending time.

The blender comes in several colors. You can choose between white, black and poppy, adding style to your kitchen. The lid has a grip, as well as a vent to help the performance of the blender. This blender also holds a large capacity of liquid or food ??? up to 90 ounces.

When operating, the blender is very loud. It reached 97 dB during our tests. This blender does not feature a nonslip base, which may contribute to its performance and noise level. The jar is made out of molded plastic, making it dishwasher safe. Unfortunately, the blender does not feature a place to keep the cord or wrap it around the unit.

The best blenders include a long warranty to back them. Blendtec offers a lengthy warranty for its juice blender. The unit and the motor are both covered for eight years. Blendtec’s warranty on the blender is longer than the warranties of all the other blenders on our lineup. The Blendtec website lists both telephone and email information, so you can contact the company.

The Blendtec Classic 560 is a versatile blender that mixes, blends and grinds food effectively. While the smoothies and soups we made with it were not as smooth as they were with other blenders, this unit does a superior job at crushing ice. As long as the noise level does not bother you, this is an effective blender.