bluetooth speakers – foxL 2017

There are three models in the foxL series of Bluetooth speakers – the Purist, the aptX Bluetooth and the Platinum. Each model has the same compact size, which is about the size of a thick candy bar, and features two drivers and a bass radiator. The major difference between the three models is battery life. The Purist model has a 24-hour battery life, but it requires an analog connection because it lacks Bluetooth technology. The aptX Bluetooth model only has a 12-hour battery life, while the Platinum lasts 20 hours on a full charge – the second-highest battery life available for a portable Bluetooth speaker.


The audio quality isn’t bad for such a small Bluetooth speaker, but it doesn’t compare to the best Bluetooth speakers. The active drivers are smaller than most drivers Bluetooth speakers use, which leads to weaker midrange detail. The volume output is also much less than most Bluetooth speakers. The foxL can’t fill a large room or entertain guests at a backyard barbecue. It’s designed more for small picnics and dorm room listening or as an upgrade to your laptop speakers.

The compact size makes the foxL very portable. It easily slips into laptop bags, backpacks and pockets. However, it isn’t resistant to water, impact or sand like the best Bluetooth speakers are. So you have to be careful when taking it out into the elements, because it won’t survive being dropped in the sand at a beach bonfire.

The foxL can act as a speakerphone. If you receive a call while streaming music, the caller’s voice projects through the speakers while a small microphone picks up your voice. This is a great feature if you don’t want to hold your phone to your ear. Unfortunately, the foxL lacks the hands-free Bluetooth profile, which means you have to answer the call from your phone or by pressing the phone button. You also can’t use voice commands to skip songs or pause the playlist. You must perform all of those actions from your phone.

The Soundmatters foxL is a compact Bluetooth speaker with a battery that lasts up to 20 hours – the second-longest battery life available. The biggest issue with the audio quality is the weak volume output, which can’t match the best Bluetooth speakers. While its compact size makes this speaker very portable, it lacks water, impact and sand resistance. It’s ultimately not as durable or versatile as the best Bluetooth speakers.