budget vacuums – Bissell CleanView, 2017

The Bissell CleanView 9595 budget vacuum offers powerful suction and a rotating brush that removes debris from carpet quickly and efficiently. The 2.2-liter dust cup is easy to empty, and the filter can be removed and easily rinsed out in the sink. This is one of the best budget vacuums we tested for overall reach, low noise levels and versatile attachments. For these reasons, the Bissell CleanView is a complete, affordable vacuum that earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

Vacuuming Performance

We subjected each of the vacuums on our lineup of inexpensive vacuums to a variety of tests to see how well each vacuum removed flour, kitty litter and pet hair on low- and medium-pile carpet and bare floors. The Bissell CleanView distinguished itself right away from cheaply made vacuums, often cleaning up some of the more time-intensive messes with just one pass.

On thick carpet, it released embedded pet hair without any trouble. If you have pets who shed and don’t have a big budget to spend on a vacuum, the CleanView is your best choice.

The head of the vacuum adjusts to five different height levels, which allows you to clean different types of floors, from thick carpet to ceramic tile. Although the vacuum doesn???t have true HEPA filtration, it does have multi-level filtration to reduce the allergens in your home.

The Bissell CleanView is remarkably easy to clean for a bagless model. When the vacuum is on, you can see the cyclones within the clear dust cup working to break up dirt particles into a fine powder. When the dust cup is full, it releases easily so you can empty the contents directly into your trashcan. The foam filter comes off easily as well and quickly cleans up by rinsing it under warm water.

The CleanView was the heaviest vacuum on our lineup, weighing 15 pounds. In our tests, it earned an above-average score for maneuverability. Because it’s heavier, moving it up and down stairs will require some extra work. Like other uprights, it’s not the best vacuum for gliding around and in and under furniture. To change directions, you need to pull the vacuum back to you and switch direction. Still, since this vacuum often only requires one pass to pick up messes, the lack of maneuverability may be a small trade-off for its powerful suction.

Convenience & Design

The Bissell CleanView is wider and bulkier than other affordable vacuums on our lineup, so it may require a larger storage space when it’s not in use. You should expect to clear out a sizeable corner of your closet in order for this vacuum to fit. This vacuum includes a 2.2-liter dust cup. While it may not seem bigger than the standard 2-liter models, that extra space allows you to vacuum longer without having to empty the dust cup nearly as often.

The noise level of the CleanView is incredibly low. In our tests, the noise level of this vacuum measured 85.5 decibels (dB). To put that in perspective, the loudest vacuum in our lineup was 93 dB. The Bissell CleanView was among the quietest budget vacuums we tested. Its quiet operation makes it a good choice for families with small children or anxious pets.

The Bissell CleanView stands out from inexpensive vacuums with its attachments. It offers onboard tools that you might expect from higher-priced vacuums. One tool, the TurboBrush, is like a mini vacuum that cleans stairs or harder-to-reach areas. It attaches to the hose and has its own, tiny rolling brush to loosen and release ground-in dirt. The attachment is comparable to using a handheld vacuum. This makes it ideal for homes with carpeted stairs or for vacuuming your vehicle.

Beyond the TurboBrush, the CleanView comes with an extension wand as well as a crevice tool and dusting brush. The 25-foot power cord gives the vacuum a lot of reach, and the extension wand can help you dust ceilings and high curtains. The crevice tool narrows the suction and cleans corners and crevices in your home that the larger head of the vacuum has trouble reaching.

Bissell offers a two-year warranty. The majority of budget vacuums top out at one year. Bissell doubles that time frame.

In addition to its lengthy warranty, Bissell offers instructional videos, an extensive FAQs section plus cleaning and maintenance tips on its website. Should you have a question or problem with your vacuum, customer service is available on both the weekdays and weekends via email and phone.

Design Extras

Bissell has packed a lot of great tools, power, and convenience into an inexpensive vacuum. The Bissell CleanView is not only the best budget vacuum we tested, it holds its own against more expensive upright models. Its five adjustable-height levels work great for households with carpet and hard-floor surfaces, and its unique attachments reach in and clean problem areas that other budget vacuums can’t match.

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