business fax service – MyFax 2017

No matter the volume of faxes you send on a daily or monthly basis, MyFax Corporate has the features and capabilities to ensure that your fax transmissions are sent successfully and securely. This enterprise fax server provides an extensive feature set with advanced tools such as international faxing, custom capabilities and multiple user logins. This faxing solution does not provide any out-of-the-ordinary or outstanding tracking and security tools, but the features are there, and they do their job.


As we mentioned previously, MyFax Corporate offers a large feature set with a variety of tools to help you send and receive faxes efficiently and easily. MyFax integrates with your email application, which provides an easy-to-use and familiar interface. You can use many of the same features you would when sending an email with this hosted fax server, including the ability to forward faxes and attach multiple documents to one transmission.

This business fax service supports multiple file types, and you can send transmissions to more than one individual at once. There are customizable options available with this faxing solution, such as creating custom cover sheets and creating groups and contact lists.

MyFaxCentral is the administrative panel where administrators can manage the users of the account and access controls. They also have the ability to adjust settings and notifications for the account. This panel is easy to use and very straightforward.

There are a few basic tracking and reporting features available with MyFax. You can receive delivery notifications by email, and all sent and received transmissions are archived, allowing you to access specific transmissions or to create an audit report. In addition, you can view real-time reports in your MyFaxCentral account.

MyFax provides SSL encryption, along with a few additional encryption options such as virtual private networks (VPNs) and PGP. Your MyFaxCentral account is password protected, and you can control your users’ access within this account. However, even though this service does offer strong security, it doesn???t meet our full expectations or receive full marks in our security criterion. This faxing solution does not offer individual secure inboxes for each user or many of the encryption methods that you will find in some of our higher-ranked services.

This enterprise fax server could use several improvements with its support. The company offers basic FAQs on its website, but there are no questions specific to MyFax Corporate. There is also telephone, email and live chat support. However, when we sent an email, we never received a response, and a live chat representative was never available. We sent messages through the live chat support window for a live chat representative, but once again, we never received a response.

MyFax has much to offer those who are looking to send a high volume of fax transmissions on a daily or monthly basis. This faxing solution???s feature set is excellent. It provides the tools you need to send and receive hundreds of faxes without disrupting your normal workflow. We are impressed with MyFaxCentral and the easy way you can manage your users and past transmissions.

We are also pleased that there is a handful of tracking and reporting features available. Our greatest disappointment with this business fax service is its help and support. We never received any response after trying multiple times to contact a representative. However, if the feature set is the most important criterion to you when you’re looking for an enterprise fax server, MyFax will not disappoint.