business intelligence services – MicroStrategy, 2017

MicroStrategy is an advanced business intelligence solution. This company provides a sophisticated platform that helps you visualize your company’s data and make the most accurate and well-informed decisions regarding your company and its success. MicroStrategy provides advanced analytic and data-integration features as well as numerous tools that simply enhance the application and make is more user-friendly. Furthermore, this company provides consulting and training services, as well as numerous customer support options.


This business intelligence company features advanced analytic tools to help you gather, understand and present your data. With this solution, you can view all your data in a visual way using graphs and charts. Its interactive dashboard makes working with your data a user-friendly experience.

The dashboards featured on MicroStrategy are a standout feature. You can view data in real time and create numerous reports using the system’s data and analytical tools. You can make receiving data a simple process by scheduling when it is distributed to specific people. Additionally, you can subscribe to reports so you receive new data as soon as possible.

With this business intelligence software, you can decide which data is relevant to certain people and send only pertinent information. Furthermore, you can set permission settings to ensure no data falls into the hands of unauthorized people.

This solution offers many tools to help with a variety of industries and departments. However, we could not find any specific features or tools to assist with fraud or threat detection of your business. You can blend data with this solution and use metadata tools to better organize and manage your data. It offers several consulting services to help you implement a business intelligence solution with your company. Training is also available from this company.

Representatives are available to answer your questions and address your concerns via email, telephone and live chat support. There are also a variety of white papers and a company blog to address your concerns and needs. However, there aren’t many additional online resources such as FAQs.

MicroStrategy provides a business intelligence platform that provides strong analytic tools and customizable options. The dashboard features are excellent, as well as its advanced reporting capabilities. We would like to see fraud- and threat-detection capabilities and more online resources, but overall, MicroStrategy will help you understand and utilize your data in a visual and interactive manner.