business online backup services – SugarSync 2017

One of the great benefits of small business backup solutions is the ability to “set it and forget it.” SugarSync for Business operates in this way, performing continuous backup that updates your business data any time it’s changed and also making sure those changes are synced across all of your connected devices – desktop, laptop and mobile device.


Unlike some small business backup solutions in our top ten list, SugarSync for Business does not offer unlimited space. Business accounts start at 1000GB for one to three users, and the maximum amount of storage that can be held by a single business account is 5TB.

Accessing your backed-up files on SugarSync can be done in three ways: through the file manager software on your computer, using any standard web browser or remotely on a mobile device. The service’s mobile app supports both Android and iOS platforms and places no limits on the functions you can perform on a mobile device, such as limiting the size of mobile file uploads. File upload size is limited only in the browser interface. Web upload transactions to SugarSync are limited to files no greater than 300MB.

File versioning refers to the temporary storage of previous versions of a file so that you can revert to an earlier version to undo recent changes. With SugarSync for Business, you are limited to recovering only the latest five versions of a file. This is significantly lower than some other services, but SugarSync sweetens that by only having the most recent version of a file count toward your cloud storage limit. You can recover a deleted file for an indefinite period of time; by default, SugarSync for Business keeps all of your deleted files available for recovery until you permanently delete them.

Security is top-notch, with SugarSync employing TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption when backing up your files over the internet. Once your files have been securely uploaded, they are again encrypted with 256-bit AES. Additional security comes by way of geo-redundant storage, which means your stored data is kept at two geographically separate data centers for added protection.

Only the service’s lack of unlimited cloud storage space prevented SugarSync from ranking higher on our list of best backup solutions for small business. If you think your storage needs won’t exceed the 5TB limit, you might find SugarSync for Business to be the ideal solution for your small business.