business phone services – eVoice 2017

eVoice offers one of the lowest-priced business phone solutions on the market, providing companies with a fully functional PBX system without all the cost. With this business phone service provider you can have your calls answered and routed the way you want, so that you always maintain a professional front and your customers have a positive experience every time.

eVoice can use your existing phone numbers, or you can opt for new numbers provided by the company. Calls to your numbers are routed through eVoice. The business phone service professionally answers your phone and forwards calls to the right agent or action based on rules that you set ??? such as routing calls to a specific extension within your company or to a specific voice message.

Dozens of call and productivity features are included with eVoice, from basic functions such as call forwarding, transfer, call waiting and caller ID, to handy business features such as conference calling, added extensions, inbound fax, hold music and even international forwarding.

Voicemail-to-email and voicemail-to-transcriptions also help you manage caller data. You can use this feature to accept customer orders and increase productivity in your department. You can also receive text messages with this system.

Premium features available to eVoice customers include international numbers, live receptionists, outbound faxing, premium transcriptions and vanity numbers. Web and video conferencing features are also available, allowing you to connect with customers or fellow workers on a face-to-face level. You can use this feature to interview job candidates and reduce travel among your workforce.

Pricing for eVoice business phone plans are based on minute usage, number of extensions and the amount of phone numbers you want to own. As plans increase in price, you will have access to added features such as inbound faxing. Plans are flexible so you can expand your plan or downgrade it depending on your needs. Since there are no contracts, you can opt in and out, as well making this system ideal for quickly launching advertising or political campaigns.

While eVoice can support large enterprises, this phone plan is best for mid-sized and small businesses that can use some assistance managing calls while enjoying the benefit of some helpful added features.