business to business software – DocuSign, 2017

DocuSign offers business-to-business (B2B) software for facilitating and speeding up signing documents and document processing. With features, including court-accepted signatures, digital reminders, and instant document send and receive notifications, this business-to-business software has a lot to offer. But you will have to pay extra for phone identification or RSA ID checks for important or critical documents.

This B2B software works on the concept that paper documents are slow, difficult to process and not always signed on time. It replaces this documentation process with digital copies of the document and digital signatures. Users log into the app, upload or write their signature and then use that signature to sign when they receive a document.

To send a document, you upload the file, mark the places where you need it to be signed, and then email it to the recipients. They get an instant notification and an alert to sign. With added ID verification, they first have to verify that they are who you sent the document to. Once the document is signed, you are notified immediately. You can also see when they view the document, and can make comments and send messages in line with the app in case the document is not correct.

In case the document needs correcting, the B2B eCommerce software allows you to make corrections without re-uploading the file, which means that you will not have to resend it. With no limits on document revisions, you can also work with signees to create a finalized version right in the app. DocuSign B2B software integrates with a variety of CRMs to provide seamless connectivity between your web or cloud service to pull names, addresses and other data for your documents. Templates allow you to brand your documents and then set up options for automated repetitive tasks for frequent items.

While the basic version only allows five signatures per month and one user, other versions allow unlimited signatures and unlimited users, allowing you to get as many signatures as needed on a single document. Security functions mean that the B2B software encrypts and protects your documents so your sensitive information stays safe. It also offers identity verification options at an extra charge if desired.

DocuSign business-to-business software combines saving paper with sped-up processes so that you can save money on paper costs while getting fast, responsive signatures. While not all companies are happy with digital signatures, DocuSign works well for small- to medium-sized businesses that typically handle a lot of signatures and documents, but isn’t quite feature-rich enough for big businesses.