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Calendar Creator has more than 500 calendar templates for monthly, annual, weekly and electronic calendars. It also comes with more than 200,000 images and many font choices. You can create a calendar from scratch or alter a template to create a unique design. It even comes with Franklin Covey day planner layouts.


The interface for this software looks a little old, but its functionality is more advanced in some ways than other products we reviewed. For instance, before you print your calendar, you can sync it with Microsoft Office Outlook so you don’t have to manually transfer all your preexisting appointments and reminders. For these reasons and more, Calendar Creator is our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner.

While some of the other products we reviewed focus more on greeting cards and other projects, Calendar Creator solely makes calendars. The benefit of this is evident in the number of calendar templates it has. You can choose from more than 500 designs, which is more than most of the other applications we reviewed. Calendar Creator has multiple template types including weekly, monthly and annual calendars.

Calendar Creator also has built-in photo editing tools. You can remove red eye and repair scratches and imperfections. You can also warp and distort images as well as add artistic filters such as emboss, watercolor and crackle. With the editing tools, you can also flip, rotate and tilt images. Calendar Creator has tools that enable you to adjust the coloring in your photos. With these easy-to-use tools, you can convert your images to black and white or increase the saturation. You can also alter how bright and sharp the images are and change the pictures’ gamma and contrast. The crop tool can perform standard editing, or you can crop your pictures into shapes such as hearts, stars, arched windows, triangles and hexagons.

Additionally, this calendar software has a wizard that helps you set up the basic components of your calendar. Once you finish this, you can adjust the formatting to create a personalized touch. You can change the text that comes in the template and adjust how it appears by changing the font style, size and color.

Each calendar has a color scheme, but if you want to change it up, you can pick from more than 70 color pallet choices or make your own customized color options. When it comes to changing the color scheme, you can alter the color of the frame, text and calendar background.


The templates come with images already inserted, but you can replace them with your own pictures or images from the Calendar Creator library. You can convert any image into a background for the calendar with Calendar Creator. However, if you have a two-page document, the background image will only fill the calendar box. You can also adjust the background image’s transparency.

Unique to this application, you can sync your Calendar Creator document with Microsoft Office Outlook. This is particularly helpful if you want to create a calendar for your planner. Instead of transcribing all of your appointments and reminders from Outlook to your planner, you can sync the calendars and then print it.

The best calendar software enables you to add holidays and special events. Calendar Creator has 40 sets of holidays and important dates. In addition to this, you can alter the appearance of the event on your calendar. A box appears with options for the font, style, color and text size. You can also change the date cell’s background to a different color or add a picture if you’d like.

Calendar Creator enables you to create calendar reminders and events that have start and stop times. You can also set events to repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. This calendar software even comes with an alarm feature that works when you keep the calendar in an electronic form. It alerts you of events on your calendar such as anniversaries, meetings and birthdays. You can set your alarms to play your own MP3s so that when they go off, you can hear your favorite songs. If you print the calendar instead of keeping it in an electronic format, the information for the alert will print on the calendar.

Additionally, there is an option to label an event as a birthday, anniversary or other special day. If you enter the year when someone was born or married, Calendar Creator will keep track of how old the person is or how many years he or she has been married.

Calendar Creator has templates for many types of wall calendars and small calendars, including planners. There are all kinds of options for desk calendars, both electronic and custom-designed versions. You can personalize these small calendars with images you have imported yourself or select from a plethora of images included with the program. If you use a Franklin Covey planner, you’ll find that this calendar software is even more practical because it has template layouts designed for these products.

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You can save your calendars in several formats including JPEG, PDF, BMP, TIFF and HTML. With these options, you can save and send calendars as attachments via email. You can even upload them to a website if you’d like. Many other applications we reviewed have fewer formatting options than Calendar Creator.

With this software, you can create a calendar that meets your specific needs in minutes. There are more than 500 templates and 200,000 images. Although this calendar software provides a format, you still have the flexibility to adjust the color schemes, text and other aesthetic elements. This software even syncs with Microsoft Outlook. For these reasons, Calendar Creator is the best calendar software available.

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