calendar software – EZ Photo Calendar Creator 2 2017

EZ Photo Calendar Creator 2 has 40 templates and an image library with more than 200 pictures. If you want to use your own images, you can upload them. However, this calendar making software doesn’t have an undo button, which makes it more difficult to use than it needs to be.


With this calendar software, you can create a monthly or annual calendar. You can also make a wall calendar or one to sit on your desk. EZ Photo Calendar Creator provides you with 40 calendar templates. It has an image library with more than 200 images in it. You can also import your own photos and then drag and drop them into place. The templates and images are organized into topics by color, style season and more. You can choose themes and backgrounds, or you can import an image to use as your background.

This calendar creator software only offers basic photo editing options. You can resize, rotate, crop, zoom, add filters and borders, add text, rotate images and more. You can also change the order in which the objects are layered in the project. You can make adjustments to the clipart just as you can with photos you import. However, you can’t change the color of the clipart images. You can change a photo from its original colors to black and white or sepia. You can also emboss the image.

This calendar maker software doesn’t come with any additional fonts, but it accesses the fonts that are loaded on your PC, so you’ll still have plenty to choose from. However, some other applications include hundreds of font choices.

The holiday options include common U.S., Canadian and Mexican holidays. You can even add celebrity birthdays, historical events, moon phases and sports schedules for baseball, football, NASCAR and PGA golf. You can also add your own lists that include birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates.

One major drawback with this calendar software is that it doesn’t have an Undo button. This is a standard function on almost every application. It’s startling that EZ Photo Calendar Creator doesn’t have this option.

EZ Photo Calendar Creator helps you create a calendar by presenting you with options you select from. As you work through these options, you press the Next button. Each time you press this button, it saves the preferences you’ve selected. Once you’re completely done making a calendar, you can save your project as a JPEG or PDF.

EZ Photo Calendar Creator 2 can help you create a calendar with personalized images and date information. The application includes a variety of templates and images, but has no additional fonts. Although it has some good features, it lacks an Undo button, which can make creating projects more challenging and time consuming than it needs to be. However, this calendar software has the tools to create personalized calendars you can be proud of.