camcorders – Samsung F 2017

Although Samsung is well known for its mobile and television products, the F90BN HD camcorder is a disappointing product from this electronics giant. On the one hand, it is among the cheapest video cameras available, and its automatic features make it easy to use. However, its limited resolution and frame rate make it a poor choice for those trying to capture high-definition video of vacations or special occasions. The Samsung F90BN is a fine camera for its low price, but for $50 more you could get a full 1080p camcorder with better capabilities.


This high definition camcorder barely qualifies as HD. At 720p video resolution, it has the lowest video quality of any of the HD camcorders we reviewed. On top of that, it is only capable of a recording speed of 30 frames per second at this resolution. If you turn the video quality down to standard definition, you can record at 60 frames per second, but the video won???t look as good on your HDTV.

The F90BN has an impressive optical zoom of 52x, and the digital zoom extends to 130x. If you???re shooting a sporting event, you can easily capture the action across the field. On top of that, once you???ve set the camera up with your computer, you can upload your videos to YouTube with its one-click video sharing button. Unfortunately, it lacks Wi-Fi or Near Field Communication, so you???ll have to plug into a computer to upload videos.

Our favorite aspect of this underwhelming camcorder is its simplicity. The automatic mode adjusts the colors, exposure and focus quickly. If you would prefer to get a more artistic feel to your video, you can switch nearly all controls over to manual. Although we usually prefer HD camcorders with a touchscreen viewfinder, the manual controls are easier to adjust with the F90BN???s button-based interface.

Samsung supports the camcorder with a one-year warranty, and from the website you can download a new user manual, browse the FAQs or troubleshooting sections. You can also use the forums to ask questions. Samsung representatives are available by email, phone and live chat from the support pages.

The Samsung F90BN is a simple camcorder, but its lower resolution and frame rate makes it a poor contender among other HD camcorders. While we like the easy interface and the automatic modes, we are disappointed at the low video quality and lack of integrated Wi-Fi. For a few dollars more, you can get a far better video camera than the Samsung F90BN.