canister vacuums – Eureka ReadyForce Total 2017

For everyday cleaning, the Eureka ReadyForce Total is a good vacuum with 12 amps of power that performs at the same level as the best canister vacuums in our lineup when vacuuming fine dust. We tested each vacuum’s ability to pick up fine dust using flour, and the Eureka completely cleaned the mess in only four passes of the large 11-inch cleaning head.


This canister vacuum cleaner lost points, however, with larger debris. We tested this using kitty litter, and the Eureka pushed the litter around instead of vacuuming it up. The head sits lower to the floor than those of other vacs.

Despite its trouble with bigger messes, this bagless canister vacuum did very well at maneuvering around the test area. The head is self-propelled and glides smoothly without a lot of effort on your part. The wand has true 360-degree rotation, and the canister rolls easily on carpet and hardwood. Though the vacuum is lightweight at 12.3 pounds, it isn’t the best for carrying around or moving up or down stairs. The handle isn’t conveniently located, and the 2-ounce canister is bulky. It also has the shortest overall reach of any vacuum in the lineup, which highlights its overall lack of portability.

The power cord extends 16.5 feet. That sounds like a lot, but it’s 60 percent shorter than the longest cords. For vacuuming large rooms or tall flights of stairs, you’ll find yourself having to unplug and move much more often than you would with other lightweight canister vacuums. Also, the hose is only 8.3 feet long, which isn’t the shortest but is well below the hoses that reach an extra 2 feet.

One major plus with this vacuum is how quiet it is. At 71 dB on its maximum setting, the Eureka is the quietest vacuum we tested. A normal conversation is usually around 60 dB, so this is one vacuum you can run in the background without distracting your family watching TV in the adjacent room.

Eureka offers a full range of support online. The website has live chat, a robust FAQs page and good customer support. In case there are any problems, the manufacturer offers a five-year warranty on parts and maintenance and a downloadable PDF in case you lose the instruction manual.

The Eureka ReadyForce Total is our choice for households that want a more versatile vacuum than a standard upright one but have a lower budget. This vacuum has a lot of power and great design features for a fraction of the cost of other canister vacuums. While it’s not the best performer on debris, it’s a good value for a canister vacuum and does very well on dusty surfaces.