car amplifiers – Boss Car Amplifier 2017 – Top Tens

The Boss Audio R1100M car stereo amplifier delivers a remote subwoofer level control in a one-channel configuration. The amp has a variable bass boost, a special technology to eliminate distortion and ample power to enhance any car audio system.

With a small and lightweight design, this car amplifier comes in a one-channel layout, which allows you to connect your favorite subwoofer to your car’s audio system. The amp comes with everything you need for installation. The amp delivers plenty of sound without overheating because it’s equipped with a built-in heat protection system.

Car amplifiers traditionally don’t give out their total maximum wattage. The Boss Audio car amplifier delivers 1100 watts of power to your speakers without fail. Because not every song sounds good at the same level, the amp features a remote level control. Instead of pushing buttons and scrolling through menus on your head unit, you can turn one control knob on the amp to get the best sound level for every song you play. The amplifier can receive both low-level and high-level inputs, and the bass features a variable bass boost, which provides you with maximum control over how much bass you want to come out of your subwoofer.

The Boss Audio R1100M car amplifier comes with a standard one-year warranty that covers the parts and labor on your device. The warranty is good, provided you purchase your Boss amp from an authorized dealer. The company also offers extended warranties. In some cases, these guarantees are offered for free if you buy your amp from an authorized dealer and have it professionally installed in your vehicle. The company provides warranties up to six years for amplifiers, and coverage only applies to the original consumer. The company requires an original or a copy of the date of purchase and a copy of the receipt where the unit was installed before they will honor the warranty.

This car amplifier from Boss offers a small and lightweight design with plenty of power to generate intense bass and quality sound in your subwoofer. If you are looking for a one-channel car amplifier, the Boss Audio R1100M is worth considering.