car battery charger – Clore Jump-N-Carry, 2017

Jump-starting a car requires significant electrical power, and the Clore Jump-N-Carry has that in abundance. This is one of the most powerful jump-starters on our lineup. It’s no slouch when it comes to portability either. Thanks to its power and flexibility, the Clore Jump-N-Carry earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for car battery chargers.

Charging Capability

With 1,700 peak amps of jump-starting power, the Jump-N-Carry is a strong tool. Its cold cranking amps (CCA) rating is lower than those of the very best car battery chargers on our lineup, which both have 500 CCA, but at 425 CCA, it can still reliably turn over most engines in cold weather. The higher the CCA, the better, because in cold weather, it’s harder to jump-start an engine, so the battery charger needs to supply power for a longer period.

The Clore Jump-N-Carry includes two places for cable storage, one on each side, to maintain its 46-inch jumper cables. There is no power switch, so you must keep the cables separated and stored correctly so they don’t spark or become a safety hazard.

Transporting the Jump-N-Carry is relatively easy. It weighs a somewhat-heavy 18 pounds, which is common for car battery chargers, but it’s small enough to be stored in the trunk of your car and has a carrying handle. This portability makes the Jump-N-Carry a convenient accessory for any automobile owner, especially during the winter.

This jump-starter does not include many elaborate safety features other than its insulated and spark-resistant jumper cables and clamps. One significant missing safety feature is detection of reverse polarity, or improper connection of jumper cables to a dead battery’s terminals. Be sure you double-check the connections before jump-starting, or you may ruin your battery.

While there are no digital or backlit displays, the Jump-N-Carry has an easy-to-read battery test gauge on the front that can measure the remaining charge in your batteries. This is particularly useful if you know that your aging battery has a difficult time holding a charge.


Clore backs the Jump-N-Carry with a one-year warranty, beginning on the date of purchase. While that’s a decent amount of time, the best car battery chargers in this regard have warranties that last up to five years.

The Clore Jump-N-Carry is missing some features that our top two car battery chargers include as standards, such as reverse polarity detection. That said, this battery charger still provides enough heavy-duty jump-starting power and portability to be one of the best car battery chargers.


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