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Are you completely lost with where to begin with your new car purchase? Aren’t sure if you would be better off to sell your current vehicle or trade it in on the new one? Do you need help to know just how much you can afford? Kelley Blue Book car quotes service can help provide you with answers to all of these questions and many more which is why they won my approval.

Service Features

Did you know that the depreciation of a vehicle is often the greatest expense that you will incur while driving that new buggy? While keeping this in mind as you search for the new car, you should review Kelley Blue Book’s articles on the best resale values. This will help you to purchase a vehicle that will retain a higher value when going to sell it later on. This article divides the vehicles into several categories including the best Mid-Size Pickup, Overall Top 10, Full Size Pickup, Compact Utility Vehicle, Mid-Size Utility Vehicle, Luxury Utility Vehicle, High Performance Cars, Sports Cars, Mid-Size Cars and Near Luxury Cars just to name a few.

With so many different things to consider when choosing your next vehicle it is a wise move to take the time to do your research. This way in the end you will not only be pleased with your new set of wheels, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you made the best possible decision as well.

Arm yourself with tips and expert advice to navigate the slippery slope of price negotiation with your local auto dealership. Discover what your car is worth before you sell; you may be pleasantly surprised. Use the most trusted resource for over eighty years of honest, unbiased vehicle information, Kelley Blue Book.

Kelley Blue Book is a free car quote service that offers comprehensive information on most vehicles sold in the United States. They also offer many other useful features such as safety ratings, reliability ratings, expert reviews and industry values. Most of the car quote services we reviewed use Kelley as a resource to establish vehicle values.

Kelley Blue Book came in behind Edmunds because they do not offer a reliability rating in the quick search results. However, they do offer a few more options than our third choice, Yahoo! Autos.

Ease of Use

Kelley Blue Book provides excellent detailed information on new and used cars for buyers and sellers. Enter a car make and model for price, fuel economy, safety ratings, reliability ratings, expert reviews, consumer reviews, vehicle specifications and crash tests. In addition, you can receive multiple price quotes on new cars and trucks from local auto dealers by filling out the direct price quote form.

Assess the cost of the car you want to buy with Kelley???s comprehensive value ratings. You can find out the industry???s Trade???In Value, Retail Value and Private Party Value of any new or used vehicle.

Are you one of the unlucky ones that has bought a great looking car only to find out that the engine was not cared for nearly as well as the exterior?

You’re on your way to that big meeting with the new client when you hear that terrible hissing sound and before you know it your windshield is completely covered in antifreeze. To make matters worse, you glance down at the instrument cluster to find that your new car is now over heated.

Along with losing the radiator in your new car, you have lost the most important client that you could have had. If only you would have checked the history of the car with a CARFAX report this problem may have been avoided.; Kelly Blue Book offers CARFAX reports for the low price of $34.99 for one report or $44.99 for five reports. A significantly small price to pay compared to losing that new client.

Kelley Blue Book has a great section on safety for the new and the experienced driver with tips and information that we can all use.

Effective Search Results

For example did you know that summer is the worst season for tires? More tire failures happen during the hotter months than at any other time during the year. A tire that is not properly inflated coupled with the heat of the highway will cause more flexing of the rubber. This will in turn cause the internal materials of the tire to break down which leads to a blow out.

Also rear tire damage is generally much more catastrophic than front tire damage. This is because the stability of having two tires in the rear of the vehicle may cause the automobile to spin out, leading to the possibility of the car turning over.


The design and organization of the Kelley Blue Book website makes finding information quick and easy. Kellye Blue Book has a search box that remains docked at the top regardless of which page you may be viewing. This makes searching a snap. Also on the top of each page, tabs identify each section of the website and multiple links throughout the site make navigation a breeze.

Not only does Kelley Blue Book provide comprehensive industry information about hundreds of vehicles, they also point you toward some of the best deals in your area. They produced 178 vehicles for sale from local dealers and private sellers for our test vehicle, the Honda Accord.

Kelley Blue Book has an extensive list of FAQs about using their website, finding specific vehicle information and selling your car. We contacted them with questions and they provided helpful answers in less than 24 hours.

Kelley Blue Book is the long???trusted source for unbiased vehicle information and honest pricing for new and used cars. They provide extensive details about vehicle makes and models along with extra features like financing and insurance information. They were ranked behind our first pick only because they do not offer quite as much consumer information.