career aptitude test – Career Planner

Career Planner is a career test based on the Holland Code theory, also known as RIASEC, which stands for the six personality types that the theory identifies, including Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional.


The Career Planner assessment consists of 180 true and false questions, which take about 20 minutes to complete. It is not considered a formal test. Although the service does not have a technical manual available, it does well by not including advertising on the web interface where you take the test. The report with your test results lists recommended career paths but doesn’t include job descriptions, although it posts job descriptions on the Career Planner website. The test report itself offers limited career advice, but its website does contain extensive career-related resources including resume writing advice and even a job search engine powered by

We found Career Planner’s report to be career-dominant and practical, but we felt it lacked in substantive content compared to other career tests we reviewed. The report does include a summary, and we found it easy to read. However, we felt that the Holland Code information Career Planner’s report discusses barely scratches the surface and can even misdirect individuals. We don’t like how it actually discourages you from pursuing particular careers.

If your personality type is AS (Artistic-Social), it recommends that you pursue careers and work environments that are associated with those personality types.

However, the report indicates that you should avoid careers that are associated with the other four career types including Realistic, Investigative, Enterprising and Conventional. Some of those careers include chefs, veterinarians, engineers, medical doctors, attorneys, business owners, accountants and secretaries.

Career tests should be treated as guides to help you become aware of your strengths and weaknesses relative to the profession you choose. Although career assessment tests are closely related to personality tests, no test should define who you are. Economic stability may be a reason to select a certain profession but you should use the career test information as a tool to make a vocational choice, not as the final determining factor.

Career Planner’s website clearly explains the services it offers and what information you can expect to learn about yourself from its job quiz. Career Planner’s website includes contact information, both an email address and a phone number; however, the staff never replied to our emails. The website does contain answers to frequently asked questions, sample reports and career-related resources.

Career Planner provides an assessment that only scratches the surface of what a Holland Code-based career test can offer. The test may be accurate in determining your Holland Code, but the way it interprets what to do with that information is lacking.