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Queendom is a website that offers a number of surveys on a variety of topics, and among them is a career test entitled, “Which Career Path Should You Choose?” It is for this survey that we offer the following review. Although the job quiz claims to be scientifically developed and uses population statistics, it lacks cultural perspective.


We question some of Queendom’s 20 interest and value categories and the careers it associates with them. Among the categories are economic, social and technological values, but it also includes hedonistic (self-gratification) and conservative values. It says that if you score highly in hedonistic values you should become a talent director, radio announcer, food critic or hair stylist. If you score highly in conservative values, Queendom recommends pursing a position in the military or protective services (law enforcement). However, we feel that having hedonistic or conservative values is so universal that it doesn’t necessarily say anything about your career preferences. Assigning career types to such values could actually misdirect you into pursuing a career that doesn’t fit your preferences.

Queendom’s career assessment test has 348 questions which are separated into sections, such as, “To what extent are you interested in the following subjects? Answer by clicking on a number between 1 and 5.” Queendom’s test is free to take, but it charges for the full personalized report.

Queendom’s report lists your score on a scale of zero to 100 in various interests and values such as economic values, social values and technological values. Queendom then associates those interests and values with various career paths. It lists the interests and values in the order in which you score, but the report offers no dynamic correlation between the various interest and value categories; each category seems to be scored independently of the others. In addition, Queendom’s website does not offer any career resources or general job search advice.

Although Queendom’s survey report is personalized for each test taker and includes a summary, the report’s findings are difficult to interpret. The test is not grounded in Holland Code or Jung theory, so we found its findings difficult to validate. However, we still found the quiz interesting and educational.

We found Queendom’s web interface easy to navigate. However, ads were present during the testing process, which is a professional no-no. Statistical researchers have found that ads seem to bias the way that participants answer questions in a survey or assessment.


Queendom does not send notification emails after you have taken the test, nor does it provide you with an electronically downloadable copy of your report. You must either print it out in hard copy or read it within the web interface of your account.

Queendom is a subsidiary of PsychTests AIM Inc., which develops specialized tests and surveys for therapists, students, marketers, human resources professionals and other researchers. The website includes an online form for contacting a member of its staff, and it includes a section with answers to frequently asked questions. However, Queendom’s website does not provide downloadable sample reports or career-related resources, nor does it respond to inquiries within 24 hours.

Although the test claims to be scientific, Queendom’s job quiz lacks in cultural relevance in a democratic society. Because Queendom is not grounded in Holland Code or Jungian theory, we found its findings difficult to validate. Nonetheless, we believe the survey may be intriguing to the casual online quiz taker.

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