carpet cleaners – Hoover SteamVac Max Extract 2017

In the world of home carpet cleaners, Hoover is a known name. The company produces several carpet cleaning machines meant for homeowners, and the Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro is a bestseller. The cleaner has user-friendly components such as its easy-to-fill clean water tank and separate tank for detergent, which let you apply cleaning solution and water to a strip of carpet, extract and then follow that up with a rinse without having to stop to refill. Strong suction extracts a majority of the water that goes into your carpet, and the heated air helps dry your carpets faster, which is exactly what you want in a carpet cleaner. Between its superior cleaning performance and helpful features, it was an easy choice to give the Hoover Max Extract Pressure Pro 60 the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.


From the moment we turned the Pressure Pro on, we could feel it working at the stains we created. This machine uses six small scrubbers underneath to get out dark, deeply set stains. We followed the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning carpets??? two slow, steady strokes forward and backward while pressing the trigger to deliver cleaning solution to the stain below. Then we let go of the trigger and extracted the water and shampoo. A rinse followed and we were floored ??? the stain was gone. In fact, we saw the stain disappearing with the first pass. This Hoover got more of the stain out than any other steam carpet cleaner we tested. In addition to the stain we created, this carpet cleaner also brightened and refreshed the strip of carpet we didn???t intentionally stain.

It also got more water out of the carpet than most of the competition. A few slow passes was all it took to get most of the water. As much power as the machine seemed to have, it only draws 10 amps, which is lower than a couple of the models on our list. The low amps but impressive performance points to a machine with an efficient motor.

We noticed a reduction in suction during one pass but quickly figured out the issue, which is something that can happen with any carpet cleaner. If you experience any issues with suction, make sure the lint screens are clear ??? hair and lint can easily get trapped there.

Most carpet cleaners don???t offer much in the way of maneuverability ??? back and forth is what you can expect. We considered the weight of the machine and how easily we were able to move it across medium-pile carpet when we determined how easy it was to use this Hoover Max Extract. It felt sturdy as we slowly pushed and pulled it across the carpet. The spinning brushes didn???t create too much vibration, so our arms didn???t get tired as we navigated the machine across the floor, and it stayed on track throughout the cleaning process.

One of the best features of this Hoover carpet cleaner is that you can easily clean all of the components ??? including the nozzle. You can pop it off from the top of the cleaner???s head and then rinse it under running water to loosen any trapped dirt or hair. The lint screens are also easy to access. Cleaning out the dirty water tank and the clean water tank are a cinch because of their design ??? we were able to reach in and pull any stubborn pieces of pet fur out of nooks and crannies.


This carpet cleaner has the widest cleaning path of any machine on our list, so you clean bigger areas of your floors and therefore finish cleaning faster. The cord length is shorter than other cleaners we tested, so you may have to stop a few times during cleaning to find a new outlet. Then again, the tank on this unit is one of the bigger ones, so you can clean more at once before having to refill. We found that we were able to clean about 100 square feet with one full tank, so for our testing space ??? a standard sized living room and dining room ??? we had to empty the dirty tank and refill the clean tank about four times, with a bit of cleaning solution and water left over.

A useful feature Hoover included with this cleaner is a separate tank for carpet shampoo ??? it automatically mixes the solution with water to clean your carpets. The useful part, though, is that you can switch a knob from ???wash??? to ???rinse??? so you can rinse your carpets immediately. It???s uncommon to find a forced heated air-drying function on carpet cleaners, but this one includes it. It uses the hot air generated by the motor to help dry carpet.

Most carpet cleaners give you a stretch hose along with attachments that you can add to the end and use to clean other surfaces. This Hoover cleaner offers one of the longest reaches with its 9-foot hose. You only get one attachment in the box: an upholstery tool. This tool works like a miniature carpet cleaner ??? you can clean and dry fabric. Also, like every carpet cleaner on our lineup, this one includes a sample bottle of carpet cleaning solution.

As with most large appliances, you can expect a manufacturer to include a warranty that will protect you from defective units, and Hoover is no exception. This carpet cleaner includes a limited warranty that will cover defects in worksmanship or parts. If you have any questions about your purchase or a potential purchase, you can contact Hoover by phone or email, but only on weekdays by phone. The company also offers live chat on its website. You can also find a service center near you from its website, along with tutorials on how to assemble, use and clean your carpet cleaning unit.

After all of our tests, the Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro proved to be the best of the bunch with its superb cleaning performance, its almost unequaled water extraction and impressive ease of use. Though it offers fewer attachments than some of its competitors, we found its cleaning prowess outweighed the convenience of extra accessories, which is why we consider it the best carpet cleaner available.


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