cash registers – Sharp XE-A507, 2017

The Sharp XE-A507 is a midlevel cash register with advanced features for calculating and recording sales transactions. It has dual displays, can store 7,000 PLUs and has PC-Link software for easy programming and setup.

This Sharp model looks like a basic cash register, but it offers a few more features than lower-end models. For example, it comes with a scanner for fast, accurate checkout, eliminating the need to enter PLUs for items and reducing the potential for error. However, if your business relies on the use of PLUs, the Sharp XE-A507 holds up to 7,000 codes. It also programs up to 40 clerks for quick identification on receipts, and it features 99 preprogrammed departments that you can tailor to your individual business needs and use to separate product or service types.

The Sharp XE-A507 comes with PC-Link software that programs the cash register. The software, which is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 operating systems, plugs into the SD card slot and makes it easy to program or backup and clone the register’s settings in the event of a power outage or a malfunction. The software integrates directly with QuickBooks Pro versions 2010 through 2013 to make accounting quick and easy.

It offers dual displays with a 3.7-inch LCD operator screen that shows up to eight lines. When programming, it displays eight lines and during clerk mode it displays five. The customer view is a single line, but the display is raised for better visibility. This electronic cash register also has a thermal printer with two stations, so you can print a receipt for customers and keep a separate journal tape for business records. It prints quickly and quietly, and it also eliminates the need for costly replacement ink cartridges. The graphics program, albeit basic, lets you print images or upload your company logo to the receipts to personalize them.

Like most cash registers, the Sharp XE-A507 can record different forms of tender, including cash and check. One thing that makes it stand out is that you can directly connect a credit card terminal to the register. The transaction amount is automatically transferred from the register to the card machine to eliminate operator error, and it opens the extra-large cash drawer immediately upon approval.

Ideal for growing businesses, the Sharp XE-A507 electronic cash register offers a little more than entry-level models. It can handle transactions, and its integration with software makes reporting easy. One downside is that the credit card terminal and QuickBooks software are sold separately, so you have to invest in them to take advantage of the advanced features.