cassette to ipod converters – TAPE EXPRESS PLUS

If you have standard-size cassette tapes that you would rather have on your iPod, Tape Express Plus is the answer. This cassette to iPod converter is the approval winner because of its simple converting process and the high-quality results it yields.

Conversion Quality

Throughout our testing, we used home recorded cassettes as well as commercial cassettes. No matter what cassette to iPod converter you select, the key to getting top quality is using undamaged cassette tapes. If your cassette tapes are in good condition, you will be impressed with the excellent audio Tape Express Plus reproduces. This product offers some tools for editing and improving the sound quality, but these tools are limited and you’ll get the best results if you begin with a cassette tape that still sounds good on its own.

We found that Tape Express Plus offers the highest quality audio in each final converted file. The product doesn???t add any unwanted static or other background noise to the original audio, so you end up with clean audio tracks that sound just as good as the originals. It also keeps an even volume level throughout the entire conversion.

In addition to the other great features and tools offered in Tape Express Plus, we found that this product is one of the easiest to use. The design of this cassette to iPod converter is a portable tape deck with a USB adapter that connects it to your computer. The connection is simple and fast so you can get started quickly without reading an instruction manual. Before your first use you will need to install the software on your computer, but once that is installed you can connect the product to the computer, begin running the audio and the conversion will take off. One of the great benefits of this product is that you can begin the conversion and then walk away, leaving it to convert on its own.

Upon purchase, you will receive the tape deck and EZ Converter software, which is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OSX. In order for the EZ Converter to work, you must have iTunes installed on your computer; however, in order to put songs on your iPod, you must have iTunes account so that should not be a hassle.

Just like Tape Express Plus, EZ Converter is simple to navigate and the features and tools of the application are easy to access. If you choose to, the application allows you to watch the conversion process take place on your computer. After the conversion is complete, you will be able to name and save each file. It is that simple. If you are familiar with loading CDs into your iTunes account and moving them to your iPod, then you will likely have no trouble converting your cassette audio to digital files using Tape Express Plus and EZ Converter software.

Ease of Use

You should be aware that the product only converts standard-size cassette tapes ??? no mini cassettes; however, that is the only feature we found that discouraged some users. We found it useful and it converted our standard cassette tapes perfectly. It plays both Chrome and normal cassette tapes perfectly. One of the greatest features of Tape Express Plus is that it doubles as a portable cassette player. Few cassette players are being manufactured anymore because most companies are putting emphasis on MP3 players, so for people who have cassettes and want to use them, this is a perfect option. You can listen to the cassette through the built-in speakers or through earphones, or you can transfer the music to a digital format, or use it for both. It runs only on batteries. The only complaint we received about using it as a cassette player is that the hinges to the cassette door are placed on the small side, making it easier to break.

EZ Converter doesn???t offer a great deal of editing options for the files after they have been converted to digital form, but the options they do offer are very useful. One of the editing options allows you to adjust the volume of the file to match your other audio files. This is beneficial because your cassette audio will have the same volume level as the rest of the audio on your iPod. You will not suddenly get audio that is too quiet to hear or too loud; it blends and provides a completely enjoyable experience. You can edit your audio files in other applications once they are converted for sound effects and other additional features that you may be looking for.

You have a couple different options for contacting ION Audio. The Company tab at the top of their website has a link to the Contact Us page. Once the Contact Ion Audio page is pulled up you will find an email address and telephone number on the left side of the page and a blank form on the right. We found all of the options to be reliable methods for contacting Ion Audio. The company has excellent customer service representatives who are very efficient and helpful.

For additional help and support resources, you will need to locate the Support link at the bottom of the company website. It is fairly easy to find because the website is well designed and uncluttered. From the Support page, you can access documents and downloads or click a link to product questions, technical support and warranty services. This link will direct you to another online form that you will need to fill out to receive product information and answers. Again, we were very impressed with the representatives and pleased to find information and documents specifically made for Tape Express Plus online. The product is not difficult, but we are happy that the manufacturer is available when we have questions.

As the top choice for cassette to iPod converters, Tape Express Plus impressed us with its quality components, ease of use and full feature set. Keep in mind that the audio editing is limited; however, it performs the most basic and important features, like volume control. This product is simple to connect to a computer, and it is equally easy to convert files using the device along with the included EZ Converter software. This cassette to iPod converter is the easiest to use, and the high-quality audio it produces during conversion means you can continue enjoying your cassette tracks with the convenience of your iPod.


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