cd burning software – Nero Burning ROM 2017

Nero Burning ROM earned a spot in our review of the ten best CD-burning programs. It’s made for users who demand a great deal of control, security and reliability. Not only can you create original discs, but you can duplicate CDs you already own quickly. This application also has the ability to rip audio tracks from a disc and then to convert those files into the most popular audio formats.


One of the most striking things about this CD burner is how fast it works. In our test, we were able to rip an audio CD and burn a new copy in less than two minutes. The new disc was identical in both content and quality to the original. The only distinguishing feature of the new disc was that it lacked the graphic printing that the original had on its face.

The security features offered by this software are worth mentioning. When you’re burning a data disc, whether it’s a compact disc, a DVD, or a Blu-ray, you have access to Nero’s SecurDisc technology. This allows you to password-protect your disc, and you can also add a digital signature to your disc so that future users can verify its origin. This is all great for backing up your most important files and keeping them secure.

The ripping and audio-conversion features with Nero Burning ROM are also highlights. Ripping an entire audio CD took us less than a minute. Once those files are on your computer, Nero Burning ROM lets you convert them to the most popular audio file formats, including MP3, MP3 PRO, AAC, FLAC, APE and more.

The software’s DVD options are more limited. For example, it doesn’t allow you to edit DVD content, so you can only make 1:1 copies. Nero Burning ROM also doesn’t come with a decryptor for Hollywood movies. If you already have a large library of unencrypted home videos, Nero is good for backing them up ??? though it can take an hour or two to burn a full-capacity DVD.; In our tests, we subjected each of the 10 products on our lineup to a battery of tests. Nero Burning ROM performed as well as or better than our Gold and Silver Award winners. In our timing tests, it took this program less than two minutes to burn an entire musical album to a new disc and less than three minutes to fill a data CD to capacity. When our audio experts listened to the new music CD, they could not detect any quality degradation whatsoever when compared to the original tracks.

One of the factors that put Nero Burning ROM in the top three of our review is its complete array of customization tools. Many of the CD-burning programs in our lineup are limited to making rote copies of discs that already exist. Not so with this program. You can use Nero to build an audio or data disc from the ground up. This is a great feature if you plan to burn your own creations onto a disc to share with family and friends.; Nero has an acceptable number of technical and customer-support options. Their website contains a knowledgebase that not only covers Nero Burning ROM but every product the company makes. If you have a technical issue, this should be the first place you go. If you have a more advanced problem or a customer-support issue, you can email the company, they usually respond within 24 to 48 hours.

There is a lot to like about Nero Burning ROM. It’s fast, secure, and it offers a great deal of granular control. It has good conversion tools and security options, plus you get a full array of customization features and encryption tools. It’s a great choice for creating new discs, backing up CDs and files you already own and protecting them from unwanted eyes.