cd burning software – Power2Go 2017

Power2Go 10 by Cyberlink is one of the best CD-burning applications on the market today. That’s because it offers a wide array of features that let you create audio, video and data discs. It also contains other features that run the gamut from creating photo gallery discs to online media backup and system-recovery discs. In short, with Power2Go 10, you can create nearly any type of optical disc you could possibly want.


The entire assortment of CD-burning tools found in Power2Go 10 is arranged neatly and intuitively on the home page. Feature categories range from creating music and video discs to burning system recovery and online media backup discs. The simple organization of these powerful tools is one of its primary selling points.

The tools themselves are incredibly intuitive. Consider the audio CD tool, which is located under the “Music Disc” tab. This tool launches a drag-and-drop interface where you can select the music files from your hard drive to burn onto a writeable CD. Once you’ve dropped your files onto the disc, the rest is simply arranging the tracks into the order you want them. In our tests, it took this program less than two minutes to burn a full audio CD ??? and it came within one second of the fastest audio burn time of all the products we reviewed.

Making a data disc is equally simple. Backing up your files to an optical disc is an excellent contingency plan to modern cloud-based backup services. In our tests, it took a little over two minutes to burn a data CD. This application isn’t limited to burning CDs. You can also create data DVDs and Blu-rays. It took this program about two-and-a-half minutes to fill a blank data disc to capacity ??? and in this case, it was the fastest CD burner we reviewed.

The “Copy Disc” tab is an excellent tool for making exact copies of the discs you already own. However, it only works on discs that aren’t encrypted with copy protections. If you have a DVD or other disc that is shielded with CSS or another form of encryption, Power2Go 10 will not be able to copy it.

There were some minor omissions that kept this product out of award-winning territory. One was the application’s inability to edit audio files from within the program ??? if you want to customize your audio files, you’ll have to invest in a separate audio-editing program.

Additionally, nearly all of the other programs we reviewed save a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc???s ISO file (disc image) to your computer. An ISO file is the blueprint of a disc that contains all the information you need to burn a new copy without needing the original. Power2Go lists these options in the interface, but when you try to use them, you’re prompted to upgrade to the platinum version. None of the other programs we reviewed make you upgrade your program for this ability.

Power2Go 10 is a powerful and useful optical-disc authoring application that burns CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Despite the lack of some features we look for like audio tools, it is an excellent choice to burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.